Introducing Elegance Wonder: Mini X-mas Wreath

It’s Christmas Eve today! For those who need to do some last minute gift wrapping or decoration, here’s a quick tutorial by our guest blogger Vanessa from Elegance Wonder – a one stop shop that offers customized stationaries. This tiny little wreath can be used as a gift tag, tree ornament or even a decoration on your Christmas card. Elegance Wonder will be one of our regular guest bloggers going forward. Stay tuned for more upcoming posts.



What You Need:

  • Wired tinsels
  • Ribbons
  • Embellishments (I’ve used pearls here, you can use other embellishments like gemstones)
  • Bakery twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or white glue

What To Do:
20131222-233222.jpg1. Prepare all your materials: wired tinsel, ribbon, pearls and bakery twine
2. Wrap the tinsel around a cylinder shaped object to help make a circle. I’ve used a film container in this example.
3. Use the tinsel to form a mini wreath into a desired size.
4. Wrap the bakery twine along the wreath. You can use some thin ribbons if you wish.
5. Tie a knot at the end to secure the wreath.
6. Stick the pearls on to the mini wreath.
7. Tie a bakery twine around the wreath for hanging or attaching it to a gift.
9. Make a bow with the ribbon and attach it on to the wreath.

Guest Blogger: Vanessa by Elegance Wonder


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