Heartwarming Edible Snowman

Brrr…it’s cold outside. Although it never snows here in Hong Kong, it does get pretty cold at times especially since most homes are not insulated. The sudden drop in temperature has inspired me to browse around for some creative snowman ideas, and look at all these adorable edible creations I’ve found! Some of them are actually very easy to make, so hopefully this blog post will give you some sweetpirations on your next baking / cooking project.

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…


Melting Snowman Cookies – Uh oh…

Snowman 5

Snowman Pizza

Snowman 2

Frosty the healthy Snowman

Snowman 8

Cheesy Snowman Spread

Snowman 3

Snowman Milk

Snowman 6

Sweet Snowman Cupcakes

Snowman 4

Doughnut Snowman

Snowman 11

Eggs Snowman

Snowman 7

Snowman Cakepops

Snowman 10

Snowman Marshmallow Pops


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