Creativity in Parenting – Part I

Preserving curiosity and encouraging creativity in our children is a hot topic these days. There are many articles out there that discuss in length the benefits of investing in the development of creativity rather than hard knowledge during early childhood. Quite a number of playschools in Hong Kong place explicit emphasis on the idea of creativity and learning through play. Without a doubt, I am a complete advocate of appreciating the natural gift of creativity in children (“Sharing Our Passion for Creativity” is what SweetP is all about after all, isn’t it?). While so many of us are eagar to figure out ways to groom our children’s creativity, have we really had the chance to think through what is takes to be an effective parent?


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Shameful to admit that I have not come to this realization sooner (my boy is now 9 months old), that one key success factor of being an effective parent is for myself to be creative. Come to think of it, every moment with my child is an opportunity to challenge my creativity. The baby loses interest in his stacking rings because I repeat the same game with him every day, how else can I utilize the rings? The baby does not like taking plain steamed salmon, can I introduce salmon differently by mixing other ingredients to make it more palatable for him? The baby needs to be woken up from his nap, how can I make it a happy experience for him? I can still remember the terrible days when my baby was still very small and my husband and I had trouble with his sleep. How amazingly creative we got when coming up with methods in hopes of “solving his sleep problems”! I can only anticipate that as my child grows and enters into the notorious phase of “constant questioning”, that my creativity will be pushed to its limits!

When we come across the word “creativity”, many of us would automatically shelf it under the arts and crafts category. However as you open your eyes to the vast landscape of creativity, you may be well pleased to realize how creative you have been with your child, day in day out. Pat on your back, mommy and daddy!


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