D.I.Y. Chinese New Year Lai-See Packet Lanterns

The perk of living in Hong Kong. The festivities do not end as you drink yourself silly on the 31st December, because you know that several weeks later you can eat yourself silly as you celebrate Chinese New Year! We have shared a post earlier on creative “red” packets and will be coming up with more Chinese New Year themed posts in the upcoming week and a half as we build momentum to welcome the Year of the Horse on 31st January 2014. You may recall a Mid-Autumn Festival D.I.Y. tutorial where we showed you how to make a lantern using paper cup. For today, we’d like to show you a super quick and easy D.I.Y. lantern using red packets, and you can totally do this with your children. These cool mini lanterns are perfect decorations to embellish your candies box and for hanging on your new year blossoms!


What You Need:

  • Long Lai-See Packets
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

CNY Lantern 18JAN2014

What To Do:

1. Long lai-see packets would work better than the square ones for this.

2. Cut out the flap.

3. Fold your lai-see packet in half.

4. Trim off one strip ~1cm in width to use as the “handle” later on. Cut ~1cm slits along the lai-see, leaving ~1cm on the edge as shown.

5. Form a cylinder and seal the ends with double-sided tape.

6. Stick on your handle using double-sided tape. String these together, hang them on your plum blossom, and bring on the good luck and prosperity for the year ahead!


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