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Secret Ingredients to Making a Felt Sandwich

As BabyM is starting to be able to follow simple instructions, it’s becoming more fun interacting with her. I love playing games with her which require her to follow simple instructions. I can see how happy she gets when I praise her after she completes a task. To be honest, I get just as excited! It’s been a while since I last made her some felt toys. In my previous felt toy post, I made her a bunch of strawberries which I used to teach her how to count. My next goal is to teach her how to make her own sandwich. To start off, I made her two pieces of felt toast. I will be putting together the rest of the sandwich (e.g. lettuce, cheese etc) in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


What You Need:
1. Felt (cream and light brown)
2. Scissors
3. Needle
4. Thread (cream)
5. Cotton

What To Do:

  1. Cut two pieces of cream color felt as in the diagram and a brown stripe that is long enough to go around the surrounding of the cream felt.
  2. Sew one side of the brown stripe onto the surrounding of a cream felt.
  3. Sew the other side onto the surrounding of the other cream felt. Leave an opening to insert the cotton.
  4. Insert some cotton in felt pocket. Be sure not too insert too much or else the bread would look too puffy.
  5. Sew and completely seal the opening.
  6. Trim off the thread and you are done!

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