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Sassy Collab: Horsing Around with Paper for Chinese New Year!

As we take down our Christmas ornaments from our trees, we’re blessed this year to have Chinese New Year come a little earlier than usual. We’re back to decorating the house with all things gold and red. With Chinese New Year around the corner, we’re excited to see all the “Lai-See” pop-up stores sprinkle around Hong Kong. It’s the year of the horse and we’ve found some great paper from various stores including Prints to make our very own custom red pockets and wall art. Here are some ideas on what you can do with all the unique and beautiful red pockets out there.


What You Need:

  • A4 size Wall Frame
  • Various style Red Pockets
  • Patterned Red Paper from Prints
  • Bear / Hei Hei Tags from Prints
  • Hole Puncher
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Leather Alphabet Stickers from Prints
  • Gold Foil Number Stickers from Prints
  • Pilot Frixion Color Erasable Pens from Prints

What To Do:


Part 1: CNY Wall Art

1. Prepare all your materials in advance.

2. Slide the A4 Horizontal Red Envelope packet into the A4 Wall Frame

3. Take your small square gold and red packets and with your glue stick secure them on your wall frame. Feel free to make any sort of collage you would like.

4. Using the leather alphabet stickers, spell out Happy CNY and secure to the top of your wall frame.

Voila, your CNY framed art is ready to be used on your door or even on your wall! Happy Decorating!

Part 2: Customizing Your Own Red Envelope


1. Prepare all your materials in advance.

2. Using your 1-hole puncher, add a hole to the upper left corner of your patterned envelope.

3. Thread the ribbon and insert the bear tag into the hole and tie a simple knot.

4. Using your leather alphabet stickers, add your initials to the bear tag.

5. Using your Pilot erasable pens, add a simple message to personalize your tag

6. Using your foil stickers, add the year to the bottom corner of your envelope and you’re all done!


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