Jetset in Style Passport Covers

Us Hong Kongers know we love to travel. Every public holiday is a golden opportunity to get out of the city. Without fail,  every long weekend, Chinese New Year, Easter, Christmas, I observe in amazement the effect of the “great migration” that takes place, most noticeably the lack of traffic going into Central during morning rush hour, and the possibility of actually finding good parking spots during peak hours at shopping malls.

If you’re like me, who takes pleasure in adding a touch of personality to everyday objects, then I’m sure you’d appreciate finding a nice cover for your passport. If you’re looking to splurge, then you’d find that many luxury brands do carry passport covers. However if you want something more unique and perhaps humorous, there are tons of great finds on Etsy and other online shops. For those of you who will be away for Chinese New Year, safe and happy travels!

passport 6


Passport 2

Bucket List

Passport 4


passport 5


passport 1


passport 7


passport 8

Mr. and Mrs. 



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