Colorful Paper Cutout Decorations


Paper cutouts, I remember doing lots of those when I was a small girl. I remember that I used to love them as a kid, because unfolding a paper cutout was like unwrapping a present. How many years has it been since I last folded up a piece of paper and trimmed out bits of triangles and circles and curls and corners? It has been too long. Such a treat to work on this project using the awesome materials sponsored by Prints. I have made large ones that can be used as decoration, and small ones that can be used as cupcake toppers. You can also turn paper cutouts into gift tags and garlands. The vibrant colors and the gold and silver washi tape make these oh-so-festive (and you may have noticed from all my previous blog posts that I am a huge fan of colors!). Even though the festive season is behind us for now, I am sure there are many occasions throughout the year to call for celebrations.

What You Need:

  • Colored paper (square-shaped)
  • Sticks and toothpicks
  • Ribbons
  • Washi tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • White glue
  • Scissors

Paper Cutout 1

What To Do:

1. The colorful paper, washi tape and ribbons shown here are available from Prints.

2. Wrap your sticks with festive washi tape.

3. I have wrapped 3 sticks for the bigger cutout decorations, and 3 toothpicks for the smaller cupcake toppers.

4. I made the cupcake toppers first. I folded each sheet of small square paper and cut them as shown. Unfold when done and you should get a beautiful surprise.

5. I fixed a piece of toothpick on to one cutout using double-sided tape.

6. I stuck another piece of cut out on top using white glue. I intentionally aligned them diagonally.

Paper Cutout 2

7. Here are my finished cupcake toppers (just missing the ribbon bow here).

8. Next I made the big cutouts. First, I folded my square shaped paper into an accordion as shown.

9. I folded each strip of paper in half and trimmed each side of the fold to be symmetrical to each other. Since you will be combining two strips of paper to make 1 decoration, I recommend you to trim out the same shape for the ends. So for instance, I trimmed out a V-shape at the ends of my red paper strip and I did the same with my white strip.

10. Fold a paper strip in half and stick both sides together using double-sided tape. Repeat with another strip of paper and then stick 2 strips together as shown.

11. Fan out your accordion and this is what you should get.

12. Finally, attach your piece of washi tape-wrapped stick using double-sided tape and tie a piece of ribbon to the stick. What you can also do is to add some gemstones as embellishments! Have fun 🙂

Final 3


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