Crazy about Crayon Colors

What is life without colors? I cannot imagine. My love affair with colors has inspired me to write a post on crayons. Speaking of crayons, the first and probably only name that’d come to mind would be Crayola. Wikipedia actually has a list of Crayola color names. A few of my favorite names are “bittersweet” (a soft orange pink), “robin’s egg blue” (a bit like Tiffany blue teal) and “piggy pink” (a very soft baby pink). What about you? Not only can crayons be used for drawing, they can also be used to make some pretty cool artworks. Melted crayon on canvas is easy to do and here is a nice tutorial. You can also gather up broken crayon bits and remake them into crayon swirls! There are actually artists who make sculptures out of these little color sticks as well. Create away!




Diem Chau sculptures


Herb Willliams’ sculpture


Melted crayon art


Melted crayon swirls  (perfect way to recycle broken crayons!)


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