Mesmerizing Underwater Landscape

Look at these beautiful landscapes, I mean fish tanks. Yes, you heard me! These are fish tanks! I didn’t realize these were fish tanks until I took a closer look. I was completely mesmerized. Pimping out your fish tank is no longer just beautiful fishes and pebbles. These aquascapers have taken their work to a completely different level which require knowledge of biology and design.

20140216-191250.jpg ‘Morning Forest’ by Pavel Bautin (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

pines‘Whisper of the Pines’ by Serkan Çetinkol (Istanbul, Turkey)

change-of-seasonsChange of Season‘ by Grigoriy Polishchuk (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

charm ‘Charm of Light’ by Timucin Sagel (Istanbul, Turkey)

lair ‘Forest Lair’by Tibor Szecsei (Nagykőrös, Hungary)


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