My Simple DIY Envelope



I have been preparing for my baby boy’s 1st birthday party lately. Being a “SweetP”, I suppose I have set this invisible standard for myself when it comes to planning my own baby’s party! I found this amazing vendor on Etsy to design my invitation card (I may share that with you on a later post), but the problem was that I have not been able to find any ready-made envelopes that matched or fit my awesome cards! I just could not force myself to accept an invitation that is less than perfect, and it didn’t take long for me to conclude that the only way to find a perfect envelope is to make one myself. Speaking of a perfect match, you won’t believe it, but just so happens that even the $2.50 stamps came in light blue and the $0.20 in yellow! Anyway, here is what I did. Nothing fancy, but they were perfect for my cards 🙂


What You Need:

  • A4 sized paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Washi tape (decoration)
  • Scissors

Envelope 8MAR2014

What To Do:

1. My card is light blue and yellow, so I picked up a stack of A4 sized 150g light blue paper and a roll of egg-yolk yellow washi tape. Don’t go with a paper that is too thick (I suggest to keep it below 200g) otherwise it will be difficult for your to fold and the paper may actually crack a bit at the folds.

2. Place your card slightly slanted as shown, first fold from bottom up, and fold in both sides. The key trick here is to ensure that the left hand side top corner of the card is fairly close to the edge of the paper after you fold the left side in. In other words, the tip of the triangle should just be slightly above the top of your card, and the top of the triangle will be where you fold down the top later on as the top flap.

3. Open up the folds and fold both sides in first. Next, do a mini fold with your bottom flap as shown, and then fold the top in to make a mark.

4. Trim the top of your right flap of the envelope as shown. After you trim, fold the top edge of the remaining flap in to give the mouth of your envelope a nice shape.

5. I used a little bit of double-sided tape to hold down the three flaps, I then decorated my envelope with washi tape. I didn’t want to overdo it, even though I loved this egg-yolk yellow tape, so I only did two long strips.

6. This is pretty much it! After inserting my invitation card, I sealed my envelope lightly using a glue stick, so that when my guest opens the envelope, hopefully it won’t be ruined.


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