Creativity for a Rainy Day

We are in the middle of March right now, which also means that my dehumidifiers are in full force most of the time these days. Speaking of rainy season that’s soon coming up, I have realized over the years that interesting or beautiful umbrellas are rather rare. Why is that? Can it be because we always forget to pick up our umbrellas after we leave them in the stand and they often find their ways into the lost and found? Or is it because when it rains, everyone just ducks their heads down so it is not worth investing creativity into designing umbrellas? If I had one of these umbrellas below, would I draw some attention on a rainy day?

Umbrellas 15MAR2014

1. The Lady’s Choice

2. Breaking the Wind – the SENZ Umbrella

3. The Colorwheel

4. The Japanese Komorebiagasa – a stunning transparent umbrella

5. Blunt Umbrellas

6. The Vegetabrella


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