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Paper Woven Basket

The Easter Bunny will soon be on his way. I am planning to make some Easter party favors for BabyM to bring to her school party. I have been searching for cute little baskets to hold some baby snacks. However, most of the ones I see are in light brown. I wanted one that has all the Easter colors. I saw some really nice Easter color papers from prints and decided to weave my own basket instead. You can weave baskets in any size you want and in any pattern you desire. Some people like to recycle their paper bags while some like to use newspapers.


What You Need:

  • Patterned paper (I have used paper sponsored by Prints here)
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Clothing pin

What To Do:

1. Cut paper into strips of 1.75 inches. I have used 17 strips in this example. The larger the basket, the more strips you will need.
2. Fold all strips into thirds lengthwise.
3. Weave 6 x 6 strips to form the bottom of the basket. Glue corners to secure. Use clothing pin to help hold them in place.
4. Fold the rest of the strips vertically to form the walls of the basket.
5. Weave 5 strips around the walls.
6. Use glue to help secure the steps in place.
7. Trim strips just enough to cover up the top strip.
8. Bend the strips that are in the inner layer outwards and glue them on the top stripe. Use clothing pin to help secure.
9. Bend the rest of the strips inwards and glue them on the top strip.
10. You are done!


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