Sweet Sweet Marshmallow Treats

Today’s Sweetpirations is sweet enough to rot your teeth!

Marshmallow is essentially fluffly, spongy white sugar, molded into various shapes. While it is cool to make homemade marshmallows, it is equally fun to use store-bought marshmallows to create colorful barks, rice krispy treats, pops, s’mores, cookies and more! Here are some sweetpirations for you.

Marshmallows A 19APR2014

1. Easter Marshmallow Bark

2. Chocolate Covered Marshmallow

3. I Love You Marshmallow Stack

4. Christmas Marshmallow Pops

5. Pastel Eggs Marshmallow Pops

6. Springtime Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallows B 19APR2014

7. Partytime Marshmallow

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies with Marshmallow

9. Marshmallow Cupcake

10. S’mores

11. Hot Chocolate Marshmallow

12. Marshmallow “Peeps”


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