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SweetPrints Anniversary Edition: 3-Layer Stationeries Cake

Happy 10th Anniversary to Prints! In celebration of Prints’ anniversary, we are doing a very special “cake” using Prints products. Diaper cakes are popular at baby showers these days, but have you ever considered making a stationeries cake for a birthday party? Prints products are so colorful and neat. This 3-layer stationary cake is beautiful to look at, it is practical, and is certainly a delight to receive! Prints carries a variety of products in many designs, so you can use your creativity to mix and match to build your perfect goodies cake.


What You Need:

  • Large box in Bubbla (Prints’ new design!)
  • Medium box in Printed Sommar
  • Colored paper cube
  • Mini spiral square notepad x 3
  • Magnetic bunny
  • Mini photoframe in fabric yellow
  • Large birthday card
  • Mini birthday card
  • Coasters set in Bubbla
  • Photo album in fabric blue hotstamp teddy bear
  • Wrapper paper in yellow
  • Ribbons (elastic gold, colorful variety)

What To Do:

Stack and wrap, pretty straight forward. Why don’t we unwrap the present together?

1. Here it is, wrapped up and secured using the elastic gold ribbon along the body, with a piece of polka dot ribbon to secure the top opening.


2. Undo the ribbons and take a peep inside!


3. Wow, it’s a 3-layer “cake”!


4. The Prints stationeries cake can double as a display item at the birthday party. Happy 10th Anniversary, Prints!




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