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Cupcakes Go Garden & Floral

We have been blessed with a gorgeously sunny (and hot) Tung Ng Festival long weekend here in Hong Kong, and these beautiful summer days have inspired me to do a blog post on floral garden cupcakes. There are so many lovely ideas out there, from very easy gummy candies flowers to beautifully crafted fondant flowers, from using the cupcake base as “soil” for real flowers to surreal bouquets. Today’s post will certainly put a sugary smile on your face.

Floral Cupcakes 1JUN2014

1. Easy Gummy Candies Flower Cupcake

2. Couture-inspired Pink Petals Cupcake

3. Pink Flowers Cupcake

4. A Garden of Cupcakes

5. Beautiful Green Floral Arrangement

6. Real Tulip Cupcakes

Floral Cupcakes B 1Jun2014

7. Cupcakes on a Cone

8. Stunning Orange and Yellow Flowers Cupcakes

9. A Big Basket of Cupcakes

10. Classic Cupcake Bouquet

11. Candy Roses Cupcakes

12. Flower and Bug Cupcakes


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