5 cuts for straight hair

5 Straight Hair Cuts Straight hair is a lot easier to manage, but those who have to deal with it struggle to find the perfect cut. Let’s discover the ideal cuts and products for this type of hair. Straight hair is certainly the simplest to manage: especially when the summer arrives and the heat begins to be felt, it is not difficult to comb and style a perfectly smooth hair, keeping it tidy and, at the same time, protected and in good health. A flaw, however, consists in finding the most suitable cut to avoid an excessively monotonous, static and boring effect, even more so if you are dealing with fairly fine hair that, despite the effort, struggles to keep a fold for a long time. . Finding the best cut, in fact, a quick brushing will suffice to always be at the top and be impeccable in the office, as well as at a dinner or an important event. But what are the cuts that, in principle, are more suited to those with straight hair? Here are 5 ideas you should definitely consider:

1. Soft mullet

Since the Eighties with fury here is the mullet, an evergreen cut that absolutely does not intend to go out of fashion! The term, which in English means “mullet”, indicates a particular hairstyle (suitable for both men and women) perfect for those with straight hair and trying to give them a certain movement. It is characterized, in fact, by the very strong and clear scaling and unraveling, which accentuate the dynamism of the hair giving a decidedly jaunty look. In its soft version, then, it is able to give even more volume. Soft Mullet by Ursula Corbero – Credit: Pinterest

2. Long bog

For several years now, it has been the undisputed protagonist of trends in terms of hair: it is the long bob, a longer version of the classic bob, that is, a helmet whose tips reach above or slightly below the shoulders. It consists of a cut that maximizes straight hair by playing on the variability of the length and on the perfect combination with the bangs. The long bob can be chosen by anyone, except those with a particularly square face; considering that the cut in question particularly accentuates the features of the face, it would highlight a fairly masculine trait, making it very marked. Long Bob by Jennifer Aniston – Credit: Pinterest

3. French bob

Even cuts for straight hair have returned to win hundreds of hearts in recent years, and the French bob certainly couldn’t be missing! It consists of a medium-short cut, which usually comes just above the chin, characterized by a full and even fringe. The French bob is of unparalleled elegance, so much so that it can never go unnoticed. The new generations, among other things, love it in a longer (if not very long) version, with the line categorically in the center. The cut adapts to any complexion, any face shape and even the most wavy hair; this is because it is very versatile and easy to customize, so much so that a single brush stroke is enough to transform it or immediately put it back in order. French Bob by Taylor LaShae – Credit: Pinterest

4. Pixie cut

When we talk about straight hair we always tend to think of medium-long cuts, but in reality the smooth one gives its best on short cuts such as the pixie cut: very short bob, with the side areas of the head and on the nape of the neck at the limit of the shave, sports a thick tuft and variable length on the top. Generally it is chosen by those who love to indulge themselves with their hair, daring a very rock and non-conformist look, but the pixie cut can really turn into the most sober and elegant cut ever. It also adapts easily to wavy or curly hair and in particular to those who have an oval face with very regular features. Pixie Cut by Anne Hathaway – Credits: Pinterest

5. Ultra long bob with bangs

And for those who have no intention of giving up their long and smooth hair, the ultra long bob is certainly the most appropriate solution: complete with fringe, basically of equal length and enriched to the maximum with a trendy headband, it is positioned as the cut most loved and preferred to show off a tidy, composed, elegant look that borders on formal perfection. Ultra Long Bob by Dakota Johnson – Credits: Pinterest

How to take care of straight hair

Having straight hair does not mean not having to deal with frizz, knots and split ends, on the contrary: it is always recommended to be very careful from washing to styling, use appropriate products and give them the necessary nourishment to grow healthy, strong and shiny. . Here are some helpful hints:

Apply shampoo and conditioner to straight hair

First, you need to wash straight hair with custom made products; in this case the Liss Me line proves to be an excellent ally, as it offers a wide choice of solutions specifically designed to nourish, hydrate and fortify the smoothest hair. Undoubtedly try the extraordinary smooth shampoo and conditioner, made with a special formulation enriched with linseed extract and hydrolyzed wheat proteins capable of making hair smooth, shiny and silky. It starts with the shampoo, to be massaged on the skin and, after rinsing thoroughly, you can move on to the conditioner. The latter is preferable to apply it mainly on the lengths, in order to prevent the formation of split ends and untangle any knots.

Brush with suitable accessories

Straight hair should be brushed when still damp using a wide-toothed comb with an antistatic action, so as to detangle the locks and prevent the hated frizz. For those who prefer to brush dry hair, however, it is advisable to opt for a round brush with dense bristles and a metal body. If you have trouble detangling your hair, read our article on the best detangling brushes!

Apply a nourishing mask

Before drying, you can evaluate the application of a nourishing product, such as the extraordinary smooth mask always from the Liss Me brand, which moisturizes and nourishes ends and lengths without weighing down. At the same time, the Superfood no frizz taming serum can also be included in the hair care routine, which illuminates, hydrates and disciplines the hair without the need for rinsing.

Dry gently

Once the conditioner has been rinsed off, you can proceed with drying, which must not be done by rubbing a towel on wet hair, but by dabbing the hair with a cotton or microfiber towel to absorb excess water. Subsequently, it is always better to apply a thermal protector before using the hairdryer, so as to prevent any damage caused by heat. The hairdryer, then, must be kept at a distance of about 15 cm from the hair and the air jet must be directed from top to bottom. With these steps your hair should already look perfectly smooth, but in case you are not fully satisfied with the result, you can always take advantage of the plate support. But I recommend: choose a safe product, such as the MySteam steam straightener by Salon Studio Professional which, using the innovative steam technology, gives you hair that is not only extremely smooth, but also soft and luminous! To find out more, read our article on the features and benefits of the steamer! And now, discover also the 5 short cuts for curly hair!

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