Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Can I advertise my product / business on your blog?
We welcome advertisers! If you think your company is the right fit with SWEETP then please email us with the name of your company and website to receive a media kit. We would love to discuss creative ways to work with your brand. We offer different types of advertising formats and we can also tailor-make an advertising package for you.

(2) Can I repost your photos on my blog?
Yes, we love sharing our work, but please credit and link back to our original blog post. If your request for a re-post involves D.I.Y. step-by-step instructions and photos, please DO NOT re-post the instructions but instead link back to our original post so people visit our blog directly.

(3) Can you put me on your ‘Sweet Reads’ section?
Yes, we are open to adding more friends to our ‘Sweet Reads’ section. Please submit the URL to us via email with REQUEST: ADD TO SWEET READS in the subject line and we will take your request into consideration.

(4) Can I do a giveaway on your blog?
Thank you for your interest but we generally do not accept free products. We welcome sponsored posts as they are a part of our advertising plan and will be marked as such. Please send us an email to receive a media kit.

(5) Can I submit entries as a guest blogger?
Yes, we generally welcome guest bloggers, but would need to review your entry before posting. Please send us an email about what you’d like to blog about.

(6) Can I send you a free sample?
Thank you for thinking of us, however this will need to be left to our discretion. If a free sample is accepted, please understand that products may or may not be subsequently blogged about or shared on social media.

(7) Would you be interested in any collaboration work?
We would love to hear your ideas! Please send us an email and let us know what you have in mind.

(8) What do you mean by Sweetpirations?
Do you ever get a jolt of excitement when you see something fun, cool and amazing that you can’t wait to share with your friends? Well – we certainly do! Sweetpirations is the place where we share what inspires us with you!!  Visit us often and you’ll know what we mean!

(9) Can I get in touch with Christina/ Joanne / Shirley directly?
Yes, you can find our contact information in the “About” section or email us at the following Christina@sweetphk.com, Joanne@sweetphk.comShirley@sweetphk.com.

(9) My enquiry has not been covered above, what should I do?
We love hearing from our readers, so please feel free to send us an email any time with your questions or suggestions.

(10) Do you sell the goods that you are making? If so, where can I purchase them?
Thank you for loving our homemade products. Please send us an email and let us know which product you like. Alternatively, please stop by our Etsy store to browse through the products available.

(11) Can we hire you to host a D.I.Y. bar at our event?
Yes, we are available for hire (subject to availability). We can provide a variety of fun D.I.Y activities for birthday parties, baby showers and bridal / bachelorette parties where you and your guests can interact, create and take home the products that you have made.  We would love to discuss your ideas with you and customize a fun, D.I.Y. bar for your event. We can bring all the materials to your event and will charge you based on the number of participants you have. If interested, please contact us for rates and more information.


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