All the secrets for perfect curls

All the secrets for perfect curls Let’s reveal the 10 secrets to show off well-defined, manicured and super glamorous curls. After reading this article, you will have no more excuses! Curly hair: a cross and a delight for many women, who go from loving them madly to hating them with all their hearts. This is because when they are very voluminous and defined they turn out to be fascinating and sensual, but when they start to throw tantrums and tend to get frizzy and unruly they really require a lot of patience (and a lot of time) to get a good result. Fortunately, with proper haircare and a few small daily tricks it is possible to make the hair tidy and disciplined for longer, as well as healthier, stronger and shinier hair. Here are 10 practical tips, ranging from washing to drying, to always keep in mind:

1. How to wash curly hair

Curly hair should not be washed too often, in order to prevent it from being damaged by losing shape and elasticity; 1 or 2 weekly washes are more than enough to opt for a dry shampoo. In this regard, in fact, the shampoo should be used very little, just a nut and prefer products specially made for curly hair. An example is given by the Nutrition and Anti-Frizz Shampoo Oh! My Curls, based on jojoba oil, macadamia oil and argan oil, all ingredients that help revitalize the hair making it more elastic and luminous. At the same time, collagen protects the hair from humidity and iron, silicon, zinc, copper and magnesium give it extreme strength.

2. How to dry curly hair

During the drying phase it is recommended to avoid direct contact between curly hair and heat. In summer it is preferable to leave the hair to dry in the open air, in a natural way, after having dabbed to absorb excess water; in winter, on the other hand, it is possible to use a hairdryer equipped with a diffuser, set to a lukewarm temperature and kept at a distance of at least 10-20 centimeters from the hair. And to avoid any inconvenience, it is always useful to apply a valid thermal protector before proceeding with both drying and styling with hot tools.

3. How to style curly hair

Combing curly hair is not easy, on the contrary: it must be done when it is still wet and only after having applied a detangling conditioner or a specific mask for curly hair. Some advice? The Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner Oh! My Curls, also suitable for daily use, whose formula based on collagen and trace elements guarantees clean, hydrated, nourished and well-defined curls! Alternatively, you can try the Fab10 10-in-1 Intensive Spray Mask: made with vegetable phytokeratin and babassu oil butter, it allows you to regulate your hair in an instant, eliminating frizz!

4. How to define curly hair

Getting permanent curls is another obstacle that often appears insurmountable. Try to follow these steps and you will see that the next results will certainly be more rewarding: after washing them, pat your hair with a microfiber cloth without rubbing, otherwise you risk making it frizzy; apply a specific styling product, such as the Oh! My Curls, which contrasts the frizz effect and, at the same time, gives elasticity and shine to the entire hair; after drying, define each curl in the best possible way with a professional yet delicate styling tool such as the MyDivaCurl infrared conical iron by Salon Studio Professional, which completely eliminates static electricity. You will see that with these little tricks your curls will be soft, bright and above all extremely tidy and disciplined, as well as wonderfully defined!

5. How to get rid of frizz from curly hair

Curly hair is naturally frizzy, a feature that tends to accentuate in the presence of humidity and other atmospheric agents, giving you a dull, stringy and apparently neglected hair. Fortunately, counteracting the frizz effect is possible thanks to specific products to be applied to both wet and dry hair in order to make the curls soft, shiny and disciplined, such as the Hairtist Anti-frizz Spray based on panthenol and last generation!

6. How to nourish and strengthen curly hair

Unlike other types of hair, curls need constant nourishment and hydration to remain flexible and elastic; for this reason, it is recommended to treat them adequately, choosing products based on butters, oils and natural ingredients capable of giving them the essential elements for their well-being. In this regard, a good ally of curly hair health is Curl R * System Curly Hair Reconstruction Treatment, a kit consisting of 3 products (shampoo, fluid and mask) formulated with keratin and collagen, the combination of which is simply unbeatable in revitalization. dull and brittle hair.

7. How to tie curly hair

In the gym or on the hottest days, anyone who wants to be able to tie their hair; but in case of curly hair how to avoid damaging them? Surely you have to avoid the sponge elastics, too tight, to be replaced with the spring ones that manage to hold the hair without stressing it too much. At the same time, headbands, pliers and clips can be worn, which help create trendy hairstyles while avoiding collateral damage to the hair.

8. How to make curly hair tidy

Overly voluminous curls? No problem: the secret is to reduce the puffy effect immediately after washing by applying a pre-crease styling product such as Style Curly Model Cream! Its formula based on flax seeds makes curls more flexible and elastic and, at the same time, more disciplined and manageable without weighing them down. You will see that after drying them you will avoid the bush effect and you will be able to fully enjoy a tidy, elegant and not excessively voluminous hair!

9. How to straighten curly hair

Using the straightener to straighten curly hair is not exactly the best, since contact with heat tends to weaken the hair making the curls difficult to tame, but using professional tools it is possible to obtain a good result in full respect of the hair. Definitely try MyInfrared Infrared Plate by Salon Studio Professional, made of ceramic and tourmaline, two perfect materials to counteract static electricity and avoid frizz!

10. How to cut curly hair

Last but not least, curly hair cutting is essential to ensure that the style is always optimal. Surely it is necessary to always intervene on a wet hair, in order to avoid an aesthetically unpleasant pyramid shape, and to trim the curls individually by limiting themselves to the tips. Among the best looks of all are: the very short pixie cut for afro curls, since it allows them to be kept tight and defined and can be characterized by a light shave on the nape or a very fashionable undercut effect for both women and women. For the men;

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the short tapered cut at the nape and behind the ears and long cascading on the head for a rock touch, ideal for those who want to get out of the box;

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the pixie tousled, the pixie cut that became popular in the seventies and remained an evergreen for medium-long hair;

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the bob cut on the shoulders, a must of the Eighties and Nineties that continues to depopulate even today among the major influencers in the versions with side tuft or fringe;

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the collarbone-cut, the lob or long bob at the collarbones remains the strong point for those who love a classic and romantic style, with long, soft and voluminous hair at the right point.

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Now there are no more secrets in the care and maintenance of curly hair, just as there are no more excuses to take a cue from these tips and show off well-defined, manicured and super glamorous curls!

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