Brazilian ironing: what it is and how to do it

Brazilian straightening: what it is and how to do it Is your curly or excessively wavy hair the cause of your addiction to blow dryers, brushes and straighteners? You can say goodbye to intensive treatments, split ends and rebellious hair: the solution is called Brazilian straightening Very different from the traditional straightening based on thioglycolic acid, this new technique involves the use of keratin and is a very valid alternative to obtain perfectly hair smooth without altering the structure of the hair, guaranteeing a long-lasting and certainly less invasive result! In fact, it consists of a non-chemical ironing which, among other things, can also be performed at home, without necessarily going to your trusted salon, in a simple and fast way: this allows not only considerable autonomy, but also a great saving of time and money. Let’s find out the characteristics and the method of application together, with a roundup of products that, once tried, will occupy a permanent place in your bathroom (and also in your heart)!

What is Brazilian ironing

Brazilian ironing arrived on the market in 2006, arriving in Europe directly from South America. Unlike other treatments made to obtain a good straightening of the hair, it does not permanently affect the hair and leaves ample space for keratin, with its renowned strengthening and constructive properties; for this reason, the main feature of this innovative technique is that it does not damage the hair, making it more beautiful and healthy. A treatment of this type, therefore, if performed correctly also becomes a pampering for the entire hair, able to protect it, restore it and make it stronger and more vital. An example is given by the Perfect Straight Brazilian Straightening by Kativa, which guarantees a good result for 12 weeks. The kit contains: pre-treatment shampoo, which thoroughly cleanses and prepares the hair for straightening; smoothing mask, which reduces volume and frizz; shampoo, which moisturizes and protects the hair fiber, making it soft and shiny; conditioner, which gives intense hydration to the hair; useful accessories for application, such as brush and gloves. Each single product is made with a formula enriched with organic argan oil, shea butter, vegetable keratin and amino acids, all 100% natural ingredients. The result? Straight, shiny and soft hair! A valid alternative for those who have little time to devote to the care of their hair is Brazilian Straightening Express, also from Kativa, a professional treatment that allows you to straighten your hair quickly and easily! The kit consists of: shampoo, which cleanses and moisturizes; treatment mask, a straightening cream suitable for all types of hair in a spray format, which makes it more practical and quick to apply (simply spray the product on the hair and not apply it with the brush as if it were a dye); conditioner, which deeply hydrates and nourishes; disposable gloves and instructions for use. Again, the products are made with 100% natural ingredients, including keratin and organic argan oil, for a soft, bright and easy-to-manage effect! In case you want to try this last proposal, Kativa offers you Keratin Post Alisado Express, an effective and professional treatment for maintaining Brazilian straightening consisting of: shampoo, to be applied at least twice a week; intensive treatment, to be left on for at least 10-15 minutes. Both, made with vegetable keratin and argan oil and free of parabens, sulphates and added salt, prevent frizz, nourish the hair in depth and prolong the smoothing effect. To keep the effects of Brazilian straightening longer, in fact, it is recommended to use products made without adding salt, such as those proposed by É Pura’s Salt Free Kit Treatment: shampoo, mask and spray with ginseng extract with an energizing action and stimulating and able to restore new vitality to the hair fiber.

How Brazilian ironing is done

Once you have chosen the solution that best suits your needs, Brazilian ironing is really simple! If you have chosen the first option, that is the Perfect Straight Brazilian Straightening, proceed as follows: wash your hair, using the shampoo that you find inside the package; dries well; apply the smoothing mask and leave on for 15 minutes; remove excess product with a comb; dry your hair with a brush and hairdryer; pass the plate, proceeding from the roots to the tips; rinse your hair and wash with the supplied shampoo and conditioner; blow dry your hair again. In the case of the Brazilian Express Ironing, however, you must: wash your hair with the shampoo present in the package, rinse and dry; divide the hair into 2 sections and apply the straightening mask on each, starting from a distance of 1-2 cm from the root; distribute the product evenly with the help of the comb and leave to act for 15 minutes; dry the hair with a brush and hairdryer, combing downwards until the hair is completely dry; divide the hair into small sections and pass the plate at a temperature between 200 ° C and 230 ° C (in the presence of fine or damaged hair, it is always better to keep a lower temperature); wash hair with shampoo, apply conditioner and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing; dry your hair 100% again. Once these steps have been carried out, the chosen treatment is practically finished! Remember, in the days immediately following, to avoid too tight hairstyles and not to wash or use straighteners and curling irons for the first 40-72 hours. If your hair is already stressed, fine and brittle, you can evaluate the use of Brazilian Straightener Without Plate always by Kativa, a professional treatment that does not require the use of the plate and offers you a less invasive solution: just dry with the hair dryer to obtain an unparalleled smoothing! The kit includes: smoothing mask, free of formaldehyde and ideal for all hair types; post-ironing shampoo, which moisturizes, cleanses and eliminates any residue; post-ironing conditioner, which deeply hydrates and nourishes; disposable gloves and instructions for use. Its duration is shorter than previous straightening but, thanks to its formula enriched with keratin and cupuacu and free of salt, sulphates and gluten, it is able to rebuild the hair, repair it from damage, straighten it to perfection and remove the effect. frizzy. Another option that does not require the use of the plate is Brazilian Ironing Without Plate Extra Shine, also proposed by Kativa, a professional treatment based on keratin and liquid pearl. The products available are the same as the previous kit, they simply give you a greater and longer lasting shine! Finally, if you find yourself fighting daily against split ends, here is the one for you: Brazilian Straightening Without Plate Double Tips, treatment consisting of a smoothing mask, shampoo and conditioner based on keratin and coconut oil and with a memory effect, which is activated when you use the hairdryer!

Tips for perfect Brazilian ironing

Did the idea of ​​Brazilian ironing thrill you? Then the time has come to try it, even without the support of a professional but by following some simple and practical advice that will surely come in handy: buy only and exclusively professional products; always wear gloves when performing the treatment; try to apply the product as evenly as possible, passing the brush from top to bottom; apply, once a week, a suitable mask, such as the É Pura Salt Free Care Mask: specially made for chemically treated hair, it gives elasticity and support even to the most exploited hair; during washing, before or after drying, use Spray Salt Free Care, also by É Pura, or a treatment for daily use with an energizing power; never carry out a treatment before going to sleep, as at night you risk creating creases on your hair. Better in the morning or on holidays, to give the keratin all the time necessary to act at its best; in the presence of colored hair, it is good to keep in mind that ironing could alter the tone, therefore it is recommended to carry out the straightening treatment a few days before coloring; in the presence of bleached hair, it is better to evaluate their state of health in advance, since the heat of the plate could cause undesirable effects. Therefore, on damaged or exploited hair, it is better to perform a reconstruction treatment before proceeding with ironing.

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