Cat Eye Nails: magnet effect nails

Cat Eye Nails: Magnetic Nails Cat Eye Nails: Cat Eye Nails. We have already seen them on Chiara Ferragni, the next one could be you! In recent years, nail art has become a precious source of inspiration for all professionals in the sector and a must for all women who love to show off perfectly manicured and tidy hands and nails. Trends change, giving each time a different novelty able to conquer the hearts of millions of fans and, from time to time, they return: this is the case of the Cat Eye Nails, that is the “cat’s eye effect” nails, which have become super famous as posted on Instagram by Chiara Ferragni after a session with her trusted beautician.

Credits: Instagram by @chiaraferragni

Surely the contribution of the influencer has favored the increase of attention towards this particular nail art, but the technique that underlies it has already been used for a long time to obtain particular effects using a magnet in contact with specific nail polishes. Would you like to know more? Below you will find all the answers to your curiosities!

How to make Cat Eye Nails

You know the eyes of cats and felines in general, with their typical almond shape, which peer around with a defiant attitude? Here, the Cat Eye Nails reproduce exactly this giving life to a real bright and iridescent eye. But how is all this possible? Simple: using a magnetic nail polish, to be applied on a normal or semi-permanent nail polish, to be modeled through a magnet, which is rotated and positioned differently depending on the final effect to be obtained. It is clear that the technique used requires attention and precision, so the advice is to consult a professional both to obtain a good result, and especially if you are not very familiar with nail art. Obviously, this does not mean that the most daring can try to create magnet-effect nails even at home and in complete autonomy, the important thing is to have the necessary materials and a lot of patience! Here’s what you need: a non-acid primer; a base; a magnetic enamel complete with magnet; a black semi-permanent nail polish; a top coat (glossy or matte); a 48W digital UV and LED lamp. There are two methods for making Cat Eye Nails: a more classic one, which involves the use of magnetic nail polish only; the second, on the other hand, starts with a black semi-permanent nail polish base before applying the magnetic nail polish. The latter, specifically, helps to better bring out the final effect, giving the nails more shine and depth. Let’s see them together!

Method 1

The first, more classic method simply requires the direct application of magnetic nail polish: start with a normal manicure, filing and fixing the nails; spread the non-acid primer and let it evaporate for 30 seconds; apply a base coat and cure in a 48W UV and LED digital lamp for 30 seconds; apply a first layer of magnetic enamel and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds; apply a second layer of magnetic polish, take the magnet and position it as you like until you get the desired effect; cures again in the lamp for 60 seconds; seal with the top coat and close in the lamp for 60 seconds. The effects you can get by moving the magnet are truly infinite: have fun changing position to see the final result!

Credits: Pinterest

Method 2

With the second method, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the effectiveness of semi-permanent nail polish, which allows you to create more intense and homogeneous shades: perform a classic manicure, filing and straightening your nails; apply the non-acid primer and let it dry for 30 seconds; spread the base and cure in 48W UV and LED lamp for 30 seconds; apply a layer of black semi-permanent and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. The advice is to use the DVA Gel Polish, which guarantees a duration of up to 4 weeks; spread the magnetic polish, place the magnet as you like, get the desired effect and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds; finally, seal with the top coat and close in the lamp for 60 seconds. Also in this case, the final versions can be hundreds, so much so that you can show off different nails whenever you decide to adopt this technique!

Credits: Pinterest

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