Damaged hair: all the remedies

Damaged hair: all the remedies Hair is damaged when excessive use is made of straighteners, hairdryers and coloring / bleaching treatments. It only takes a moment to ruin them, but the repair process takes a long time. Dealing with damaged, dry and brittle hair is a fairly common problem, especially when using straighteners, hairdryers and hot tools for a long time, performing coloring / bleaching treatments and indulging in hairstyles that “crush” excessively the locks. It only takes a moment to weaken the hair, while it takes more time to restore its strength, shine and vitality; but luckily, using the right products and introducing healthy and good habits into the daily haircare routine, showing off strong, soft and shiny hair can become easier than expected!

8 tips for damaged hair

In most cases, the causes of hair fragility can be found in two main factors: exposure to atmospheric agents (sunlight, wind, humidity) and the use of products that are not suitable for the hair’s needs, from shampoo to Brush. Let’s see together how it is possible to intervene in an effective and functional way through 8 simple beauty tips:

1. Beware of wet hair

When the hair is wet it is also automatically more fragile; consequently, you must avoid combing them and / or rubbing them strongly, otherwise you risk breaking them and damaging them. Much better, however, dab them with a microfiber towel to absorb excess water and comb them only after drying.

2. Use a repair shampoo

Shampooing should not be done more than twice a week, simply to allow the scalp time to produce the sebum intended for hair protection. Frequent washing, in fact, expose the hair to greater fragility. The advice, then, is to use a shampoo with a repairing action, such as the Repair Superfood Repair Shampoo: its formula based on pomegranate juice, punicic acid, phytosterols and vitamins, in fact, is perfect for reinforcing, repairing and protecting even the more fragile and brittle hair.

3. Apply a regenerating conditioner

The conditioner also plays an important role in these cases, because it must ensure the right amount of hydration and softness. The advice is to spread it carefully especially on the tips, which dry out more easily, by choosing a product such as Renova’s Peptide Repairing Balm: thanks to Matrixyl 3000, a bio mimentic peptide that acts on the keratin structure of the hair, it is able to restore its natural state of health application after application!

4. Strengthening serums and masks

Once a week it is also recommended to apply a regenerating mask to the hair and, why not, a restorative serum that acts on the mainly damaged areas of the hair fiber. Two excellent solutions always come from Superfood: the Repair Mask and the Repair Serum, two products capable of deeply nourishing the hair and effectively protecting it from external aggressions.

5. Hair dryers and hot tools sparingly

In summer it’s simple: the hair is left to dry in the open air, in a completely natural way. But how do you do it in winter? Certainly you cannot do without the hairdryer, of course, but it is important to keep it at least 10 centimeters away from the hair and use it only after applying a valid thermal protector that avoids damage caused by the heat. The same is true before exposing yourself to the sun: it is recommended to apply a sun protective oil to the hair to ensure that the sun’s rays do not make the hair dry and brittle.

6. Choose suitable combs and brushes

In combing your hair you have to bring out all the sweetness you have: just pull or try to untangle the knots with force! Doing so does nothing but break and damage the hair in the long run. On the contrary, it is more correct to start brushing from the tips to slowly rise upwards, using among other things boar bristle brushes which, unlike those in plastic, distribute the sebum and give an extra shine to the hair.

7. Achieve soft hairstyles

When it starts to get hot it becomes really difficult to leave the hair down for a long time, so much so that a ponytail or braid is much preferred. Nothing to the contrary, the important thing is to keep in mind that the rubber bands, hairpins or clips that tighten the hair excessively will inevitably break and weaken it. The advice is to opt for accessories that leave the hair room to breathe and avoid hairstyles that require a large amount of bobby pins or the like.

8. Perform targeted treatments

Finally, to give a real pampering of well-being to a poor damaged hair, the best way is to carry out complete treatments capable of regenerating them and nourishing them in depth. A very good solution is the K-Keratin Hair Reconstruction System Kit, consisting of shampoo, serum, mask and liquid keratin, all made with keratin, natural extracts of sesame, olive oil and argan oil. A professional treatment, which can also be performed at home, with a truly exceptional result! Paying attention to the needs of your hair and using the best products you will see that restoring strength, vitality, softness and shine to your hair will be a piece of cake!

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