How to Get Your Ex Back Crawling, Running and Sorry in 5 Steps

How to Get Your Ex Back Crawling, Running and Sorry in 5 Steps

How to Get Your Ex Back Crawling, Running and Sorry in 5 Steps

Your current desire is to get back with your ex, but is he the one who needs to take the initiative to ask for your forgiveness? So your attitudes need to generate in him the desire to get back together and show regret for having decided to end the relationship. Check out what to do to get this result!

5 Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back Crawling, Running and Regretting

1-Ignore Completely

There is nothing more powerful than contempt! If you want someone to crawl back into your life, bet on putting that person on ice.

Pretend you’ve forgotten about his existence, don’t text him, don’t contact him, and don’t rummage through his life online.

Your absence will be felt by your ex who will be intrigued by your disappearance, wanting to know more about what you are doing and why you are not chasing him.

2-Focus on Your Life

Take advantage of the period when you’re single to focus on your life, take care of yourself more, pay attention to those friends of yours that you didn’t see because you were always busy with your ex.

Staying focused on your own life will be great for you as a person, allowing your free time to always be dedicated to improving yourself, whether it’s reading a book, going to the movies or taking more care of your own appearance.

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3-Use Social Media to Your Favor

If you want your ex to come back regretfully asking you to be with him, it’s very important that he sees you and feels that regret.

Social networks are powerful for you to be constantly seen and remembered by your ex, so bet on well-produced photos, with your best clothes and makeup.

Don’t resort to sensuality or photos of parties in excess, also take the opportunity to make posts referring to your current moment, with reflections and positive messages.

4- Attend the Mutual Friends Events

You want to be seen so your ex regrets breaking up with you and realizes he made a mistake, so why miss his best friend’s birthday?

Go and don’t let the weather settle in at any time! Be sweet and nice to everyone, don’t talk about the breakup, and focus conversations on your latest personal adventures.

5-Get closer

If even with all these strategies your ex hasn’t spoken to you again, it’s time to reconnect with a smart message.

Start the conversation with some convincing excuse, whether it’s saying you want to return his stuff from your house or that you stopped by a certain place he likes and remembered him.

By talking to him even for a brief moment, your ex will realize even more clearly how interesting you are and that he is actually just wasting time being away from you.

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Take advantage of our tips to make your ex come back to you, completely sorry for having ended the relationship, we are sure that putting it into practice in the indicated sequence you will get good results.


How to Make Your Ex Come Back Crawling, Running and Regretting in 5 Steps:

1-Completely Ignore 2-Focus on Your Life 3-Use Social Media to Your Favor 4-Attend the Events of Mutual Friends 5-Get Closer


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