How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Through WhatsApp With 5 Tips

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Through WhatsApp With 5 Tips

How to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend Through WhatsApp (5 Tips!!)

Did you know that when well used WhatsApp can be your main ally in winning back your ex boyfriend?

Most women slip into this usage, causing the guy to stray further from them, but you don’t have to make mistakes! Check out our 5 tips on how to attract your ex and win him back with just the right messages.

5 Tips On How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back On WhatsApp

1-Type of Message

The main and biggest mistake that prevents reconquest is the type of message you’ve been sending to your ex! He needs to go back to being your friend, having admiration for you.

It’s precisely this nice conversation that needs to flow between you that will reinforce in your ex’s head the amazing woman you are, making him wonder if he really needed to end the relationship or if you could be together and happy.

2-Using Status

In addition to texting your ex, you should make posts on your status, this is a good way to see if he is still looking for you, if he is interested in what you say.

When a man is interested in maintaining ties, naturally he wants to know what you think beyond what is discussed between you, so he keeps an eye on your posts, see if your ex sees everything you have to say!

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3-Missing you

In addition to establishing communication that is pleasurable for both of you, it is also necessary to disappear sometimes, so that your ex misses you and realizes that you are important in his routine.

If you talk every day, when you disappear for a day or two he will miss you and send you a message, proving that your plan is working. Don’t let him see it’s all strategy, just tell him you’ve had busy days at work.

4-Demonstrate Positive Changes

Even if you are texting with your ex, you no longer need to have as much free time to spend with him, which gives you a few extra hours to take care of yourself and invest in yourself.

Take this time to make changes to your look, improve your professional skills and never forget to comment on it!

Your ex needs to realize that you are an amazing woman, that you don’t give up easily on the things you want and that way, he will admire you even more, which is positive because every relationship needs admiration to work.

5-Exit the Virtual

When you feel that there is an opportunity, that is, that he is also looking for you and that the conversation is getting easier between you, call your ex to a program that you know he likes.

Whether it’s a cold beer on the beach or dinner at his favorite restaurant, make any invitation he can’t refuse! Surely your ex will like the idea and you will have a date, which can be decisive for the reconquest to happen.

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So at this point, stick with the behavior you’ve adopted in the virtual world and charm your ex, who will naturally ask to get back together with you.


How to win back your ex boyfriend by whatsapp with 5 tips:

1-Type of Message 2-Using Status 3-Leaving Missing You 4-Show Positive Changes 5-Leave Virtual


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