How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You and Run Back in 10 Steps

How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You and Run Back in 10 Steps

How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You and Run Back in 10 Steps.

Is making your ex regret the end of the relationship your main goal? After all, with regret he will come back to you faster, right?

So we have 10 tips on how you need to act to make him repent and realize the big mistake he made, coming back as soon as possible to make you happy again.

10 Tips on How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You and Run Back

1-Forget It Exists

Your ex will never regret leaving you if you keep chasing him and begging for his love, so ice the guy after the breakup.

2-Take care of yourself

Spend more time taking care of the most important person in your life, which is yourself! Dedicate yourself to improving your appearance and feeling even more beautiful and confident.

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3-Have fun and post

Go out with your friends or even alone, but be sure to enjoy life and have fun just because the guy broke up with you. Take advantage of these moments to make beautiful photos for your social networks and let your ex visualize your happiness without him.

4-Work at Your Best Version

Being single means you have a little more free time, take this time to improve your weaknesses and ensure that you remain an interesting and amazing woman.

5-Make Sure You’re Being Remembered

Attend mutual friends’ events without looking like you’re trying hard to get his attention.

And make sure his friends know how your current life is, full of good things and fun, he will surely have news and will worry about talking to you again.

6-Be Sweet

Has your ex texted or called you? Respond respectfully and pleasantly, showing interest in prolonging the subject. Being a nice person who doesn’t show resentment is crucial to getting him to reconnect.

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7-Recognize Mistakes

If the matter goes down that path, take the opportunity to acknowledge the mistakes you made in the relationship that led to the end of your romantic relationship. This attitude is important for him to see that you have matured and are willing to improve. If you really want a way to how to win back your ex that works, so start by acknowledging your mistakes in the relationship as well.

8-He Who Must Run After

No man will run after you if your behavior is to run after him! Therefore, ignoring his existence and seeming to have overcome the end of the relationship are important attitudes, which will hurt your ex’s ego, making him want to win you back.

9-Keep in touch

If, despite all your strategies, your ex still hasn’t called or texted, it’s time to keep in touch and leave a channel of communication always available between you.

10-Be All He Ever Dreamed Of

In your conversations, demonstrate that you are changing for the better and that you have become that woman he always dreamed of, caring, caring, listening attentively, everything you know he wants in his ideal woman.

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Surely with these 10 tips in practice your ex will regret breaking up and come running back to you.


How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You and Run Back In 10 Steps:

1-Forget He Exists 2-Take Care Of Yourself 3-Have Fun And Post 4-Work At Your Best Version 5-Make Sure You’re Remembered 6-Be Sweet 7-Recognize Mistakes 8-He Should Run After 9-Keep In Touch 10-Be All He Ever Dreamed Of


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