How to win back an ex boyfriend who has a girlfriend in 10 tips

How to win back an ex boyfriend who has a girlfriend in 10 tips

How to win back an ex hookup who has a girlfriend in 10 tips.

Were you making out with a guy and he suddenly disappeared without answering? Learn how to win him back by attracting his attention with our 10 foolproof tips.

10 Tips on How to Win Back an Ex Boyfriend Who Has a Girlfriend

1-Evaluate if it’s worth it

You just stayed and the boy disappeared? Is it really worth investing in this reconquest?

It’s important that before you donate so much to this planning, you really evaluate if the guy is worth it.

2-What Generated the Leave?

You need to understand what caused the separation between you, so that you can take the necessary steps to get closer and win over this guy, who knows, maybe he will become your boyfriend?

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3-Get His Attention

This is the best time to get his attention in a totally positive way, that is, no wearing short, low-cut or indirect clothes to attract the guy’s eye.

Post well-groomed and made-up pictures so that he’s attracted to seeing you and wonders why you’re not hanging out anymore.

4-Say Hi

If you’re apart, it’s time to break the silence and get back to talking to him. No clinging to pride or making demands in messages, just send an unpretentious text.

5-Appreciate yourself

We know you’re very interested, but he doesn’t need to know that, so no chasing the guy or sending a thousand messages a day ok?

6-Frequent the same places

If you want to win back your ex date, you need to be noticed, so going with your friends to the places you know he frequents is a good option to be seen.

7-Be Difficult

If he’s looking for you to stay during one of the parties you’ve “accidentally” bumped into, don’t show too much interest, preferably end the party and go home, tell him to call you later.

8-Make an appointment

Return to be with him only during one date! No going out with him on Monday during lunch time. Be that woman he needs to tweak his schedule for to have an amazing time with her.

9-Does not cover

He’s just your date, so be careful with your actions so you don’t seem like you’re a needy woman or that you’re desperate to start a more serious relationship.

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10-Give Space

Let him look for you too and if that’s not happening, it’s just a sign of a lack of interest on his part.

If during the period they are just making out he no longer shows interest, is it really worth chasing this guy?

Take it off! Surely the ideal person for you will be enchanted by its smallest details and will appear when you least expect it, especially if you are not busy chasing someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Be sure to apply our tips! Remember to do everything in the exposed sequence so that it works as expected.


How to win back an ex hookup who has a girlfriend with 10 tips:

1-Evaluate if it’s worth it 2-What caused the withdrawal? 3-Get His Attention 4-Say Hi 5-Appreciate Yourself 6-Go to the Same Places 7-Be Difficult 8-Make a Date 9-Don’t Cover 10-Give Space


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