How to win back your ex boyfriend by cell phone in 10 tips!

How to win back your ex boyfriend by cell phone in 10 tips!

How to win back your ex boyfriend by cell phone in 10 tips!

The cell phone is a powerful ally for all your daily tasks, including winning back your ex boyfriend!

With the right apps, you will be able to succeed in this reconquest, making him never think about leaving you again, check out how to act to make it happen.

10 Tips to Get Your Ex Back With Your Cell Phone

1-Social Networks

Social networks are powerful allies for those who want to win someone back, as long as you know exactly how to use your page! No posting very sexy photos, pouting or posting nightclub photos all the time.

Use your page to show that you are evolving and that you are willing to be a more elegant and interesting woman.

2-Irregular Posts

It’s natural for your ex to be curious about what your life is like without him, so it’s time to take a break from social media, posting only your best photos and infrequently.

So he’ll have to keep in touch or ask mutual friends to get information from you.

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If you want to win the guy back in 10 days, you need to keep in touch with him in that period, but no smothering ok?

Send a message, make sure he really wants to answer you and keep in touch, but don’t send messages every day to check if he is also interested in contacting you.

4-A little present?

Enjoy that you have your cell phone in hand and choose a nice gift to surprise your ex. Send the product chosen for his work, so there is no risk that he will not receive it.


After you send that treat to your ex, it’s time to go away! Wait for him to get in touch to say thank you or even for him to come up with that speech he didn’t need.

Use this contact to observe his behavior, verifying that his reaction was positive as expected.

6-Don’t Suffocate

The desire to win back can make you end up suffocating the other person, which is negative, so always leave time for him to look for you and miss you too.

7-Non-Virtual Care

You need to put your cell phone aside for a while to start enjoying your offline life and improve your own personality.

Surely your new experiences with single life will be interesting subjects for your next dialogue with your ex when you meet.

8-Call Out

If the conversation between you is already flowing naturally and there is no great tension between the ex couple, it’s time to ask your ex out. Choose a schedule that is truly irresistible in his eyes and make sure that you don’t suffer the risk of getting a cake.

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9-Drop the Cell Phone

During the meeting, no cell phone, okay? Focus on your ex, talk and demonstrate in your attitudes the amazing woman he is missing from having by his side.

10-Evaluate the Possibility

During the meeting, you will realize if there is really a chance that you will be a couple again or if your time invested in reconquering was in vain because he is already in another.

Take this opportunity as a chance to choose what your next few days will be like, whether it’s time to keep investing or step away. But with our tips followed step by step, he will surely want you back.


How to win back your ex boyfriend by cell phone in 10 tips:

1-Social Networks 2-Irregular Posts 3-Messages 4-A Little Gift? 5-Wait 6-Don’t Choke 7-Non-Virtual Caution 8-Call Out 9-Drop Your Cell Phone 10-Assess the Possibility


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