How to Win Back Your Proud Ex Boyfriend Faster and Faster

How to Win Back Your Proud Ex Boyfriend Faster and Faster

How to Win Back Your Proud Ex Boyfriend Soon and Fast!

Is your ex very proud and is this making it difficult for him to go back to being your current boyfriend? You need to take some steps to break his pride and make your ex fall in love with you again.

Check out our tips to learn how to deal with your proud ex by getting him to fall in love with you all over again.

3 Tips On How To Get Your Ex Proud Boy Back Sooner And Faster!

1-Breaking His Pride

That’s right, if your ex’s pride is hurt, your main mission now is to break his pride, making the guy have no reason not to get back in a relationship with you!

The first step to success is to understand what caused that wounded pride, if you betrayed him, lied or someone intrigued to separate you, this needs to be very clear as the reason for the wounded pride.

With the reason in view, you need to take actions that show your repentance! If you’ve cheated on him, it’s time to walk away from the other man so that your ex realizes he can trust you again.

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These attitudes that demonstrate positive changes in behavior are very important for you to regain his trust and actually succeed in your reconquest.

2- Asking Forgiveness

No texting apologizing and acknowledging your mistakes in the middle of the night!

You need to communicate assertively with your ex and preferably meet him in person so you can apologize and check his reaction.

If you go to his house to apologize, for example, he will be without reaction when he realizes that he has no reason to fight with you or say anything negative, after all, you were ready to sincerely apologize.

3-Continue to act accordingly

Wounded pride is something that requires patience and care on your part, so that you can truly reconcile without aggravating the situation.

That’s why it’s good to know that in most cases the proud person doesn’t want to give their arm and precisely because of that, even if you ask for his forgiveness, maybe your ex doesn’t say anything and this meeting ends after your apology . Often the best way to win back ex it is in recognizing mistakes and fighting to be a better companion.

But, you must continue to act in order to actually earn his forgiveness, which means that you must not give up on reconciliation just because he did not show a more positive attitude in your last meeting.

Your apology certainly shocked your ex, because a proud person would never put themselves in that situation of acknowledging their own mistakes and asking for forgiveness for them.

Give him time to think about that last meeting of yours and for the next few days don’t keep in touch.

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Show up only after 3 days of that meeting and send a message that has no charges! Just bring up something funny or relevant to him and see if the conversation flows naturally.

If he’s willing to answer you with respect and attention, you’ll just need a little more time and he’ll go back to being your boyfriend.


How to Win Back Your Ex Proud Boyfriend Sooner and Faster With 3 Tips:

1-Breaking His Pride 2-Asking Forgiveness 3-Keep Acting On


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