I Want My Ex Back What Should I Do To Get Him Back Fast

I Want My Ex Back What Should I Do To Get Him Back Fast

I want my ex back what should i do to get him back fast.

It is very common for relationships to end without both agreeing on the end! If the end of your relationship bothers you and you think you should still be together, it’s time to put together a plan to win back.

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I Want My Ex Back What Should I Do To Get Him Back Fast


Never, under any circumstances, let your ex see that you are desperate to win him back.

Whenever he realizes your determination to win him back, you open up chances for your ex to take advantage of this situation, so who has to lose with this is only you!

Never let your ex see that you’re really dedicated to having him back in your life, let alone seem too available to pay attention to him.

smart attitudes

One thing that is extremely smart is to get away from your ex a little bit so he can miss you.

He needs to reflect on the breakup and understand that you are important in his life and that ending the relationship was a huge mistake that needs to be fixed.

But this will only happen if he actually has time to deal with his feelings and understand the end of the relationship.

For this to happen, give your ex a minimum of 7 days to think and only after that time should you actually get in touch.

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How to behave on first contact?

If this is your question, know that the main thing is to be yourself, being kind and polite. You know that kind of person that makes you happy to be around?

Precisely for this reason, it is interesting that you avoid topics such as the end of the relationship and also charges of why he has not spoken to you. In that contact, you should be a good friend to him.

Marking Presence

It’s only possible to win back if you’re frequently seen by your ex, which means he needs to always see pictures of you, hear from you through his friends, and think you’re moving on with your life without him.

This feeling of having lost you for good will make your ex boyfriend realize that he made a mistake by leaving you.

Making him naturally feel the desire to conquer you again, so you won’t have to run after him, because he will take care of getting closer.

Remember to take advantage of your single time to take care of yourself, so you will be that amazing woman he admires so much and also a much more interesting person in the eyes of everyone around you. Which in itself is excellent for female self-esteem!

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Do not be afraid

Often, in an attempt to please a woman, she cancels herself and stops being who she is, don’t do it! You will regret it and the reconquest will not be as it should, because you are not being sincere which will make it difficult to maintain the relationship in the long term. Be the amazing woman you like to be and show it in your attitudes, only then will you be able to have a sincere and happy relationship with your partner.


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