May 8th to 14th – Better Life

Is it hot in here, or is it just the stars? This week, Mercury goes retrograde, which could cause major setbacks and delays in our romantic communication in the coming weeks. If there is an important relationship conversation going on, get it out of the way as quickly as possible. If you are single, this week’s transits may bring you closer to someone special. Already committed? Use this week’s energy to strengthen your bond with your partner. Read on to find out your weekly love horoscope for the week of May 8th.

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You’ve been focusing on yourself these past few weeks, Aries. But now it’s time to turn to your love life. With Jupiter joining Venus on May 10, it’s time to let go of selfishness and indulge in romance. Plan a romantic date with your significant other, or take a picture with whoever is catching your eye. The eclipse that takes place on May 15 could be paving the way for a serious long-term commitment. Use the energy of these transits to show that special person in your life how much you care for them.

Ready for an extreme relationship makeover? It’s time to make some serious decisions about your future, Taurus. There’s a chance for an uncomfortable but long overdue conversation when Mercury goes retrograde on May 10th. You’ve been putting a lot into this relationship, so it’s time to ask if this dynamic can last in the long run. And with the eclipse taking place on May 15th, renegotiating the terms of their partnership is on the table. Whether you’re doubling down on being a power couple or choosing to fly solo for the rest of the year, it’s time to speak your truth with pride.

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Self-love has been the focus for you, Gemini, and you might be feeling a little suffocated in your love life right now. Changes in the way you see yourself will open up a whole new world of possibilities in your relationships. You will feel more inspired to stand your ground with Venus and Jupiter in Aries this week. However, you will need to remain calm when communicating with your partner when Mercury goes into retrograde on May 10th. A greater focus on mutual understanding and compromise will be essential for you ahead of the lunar eclipse on May 15th.

Big changes are coming to your love life, Cancer. Your career and public image have been in the spotlight lately, but these transits could bring you a new romantic interest. While love is in the air, you’ll want to choose your words carefully when Mercury goes retrograde on May 10th. stimulated by that energy. Expect romantic developments to be intense and incredibly tempting for you when Jupiter enters Aries on the same day. And the May 15th eclipse can bring a surprise at the beginning (or end) of a love affair your way. Don’t be afraid to embrace the unknown.

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Some unexpected changes in your home life could put additional strain on your relationships this week, Leo. You will need to be flexible to weather the storm that Mercury retrograde on May 10th will bring to your door. You would be wise to rely on friends and loved ones when making decisions about your romantic future. The May 15th eclipse will put certain connections to the ultimate test. While some will resist the pressure, other relationships may break down. Use the energy of the eclipse to release the expectations others have placed on you and focus on self-care. This period of reflection is a great time to remind yourself of what you want from your next relationship.

You’ve been playing the romantic field for the last few months, Virgo. However, this week may make you re-examine past relationships. Mercury retrograde in Gemini has the potential to bring up an old conversation that was previously put to rest. This chat with an old flame will feel fated. However, a difficult conversation about jealousy and setting boundaries could be the key to rekindling that romance. The May 15 lunar eclipse will encourage you to track all your growth since the last time you communicated. Now is the time to take the lead in your love life and speak your mind clearly.

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Relationships are the name of the game this month, Libra. There is an electrifying energy in the air, awakening the desire to commit to a kind of lasting love. And with Venus and Jupiter occupying Aries this week, there’s a chance for a surprise proposal or even wedding bells. While it is a powerful time to partner and develop relationships, Mercury retrograde on May 10 can cause a hiccup or two. Ultimately, the energy of the May 15 lunar eclipse will help solidify the decisions you have made for your future.

Your love life is in flux right now, Scorpio. Mercury retrograde on May 10th will ask you to expand your idea of ​​what the ideal relationship looks like and try something new. Now would be a great time to swipe right and see where things take you. The lunar eclipse that takes place on May 15th will give you the opportunity to talk to your potential love interest about something that is very important to you. Remember, honesty is the best policy when building a lasting connection.

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You’re feeling a little sentimental this month, Sagittarius. The change from Jupiter to Aries on May 10 will usher in a period of romantic indulgence for you. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, passions are running high. You’ll want to keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself until you’re confident in how you really feel. Fortunately, this lunar eclipse on May 15 will illuminate what you find difficult to express. If you really love someone, then this week will be perfect for opening up.

You’re feeling particularly passionate and optimistic about romance this week, Capricorn. Your normally cautious approach to dating will be turned upside down when Jupiter enters Aries on May 10th. Expect to experience a big shift within yourself regarding what you want in a romantic partner. The stars are asking you to shift your focus to embrace the unknown. This will be critical as the May 15 lunar eclipse will bring an unexpected development to your love life. If you’re single, expect new connections to shake things up. For those of you in relationships, this is the perfect time to break out of your regular routine.

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You’ve been working hard to make things happen this month, Aquarius. However, romance was left in the background. Fortunately, there is potential for your love life to get back on track this week. The upcoming Mercury retrograde on May 10 can make you feel like you’re not being heard. Don’t let this energy discourage you from speaking up—putting your needs first is an important part of getting what you want in your relationships. May 15 lunar eclipse will be good for your love life. If you have a partner, he will pay more attention to your emotional side.

While you’ve been enjoying the company of a certain someone lately, Pisces, it might be time to cut ties. Mercury retrograde on the 10th will allow you to get to the heart of some central issues in your current relationship. The two of you may realize that while you enjoy being together, friendship is the best way forward. Get ready for an eye-opening insight when the lunar eclipse occurs on May 15th. It’s time to put aside your people-pleasing ways and focus on the people who make you feel seen.

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