My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me How Do I Get Back Now

My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me How Do I Get Back Now

My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me How Do I Get Back Now.

It is normal for arguments and disagreements to occur throughout the relationship and one of the people even thinks about breaking up, but if your boyfriend decided to end your relationship without considering your feelings, know that there is a chance to reverse this situation.

To win your boyfriend back, you need to take some smart and planned actions, so he won’t even realize that it was all part of a win back plan.

3 Tips on what to do to win back your boyfriend who broke up with you now

1-Easy reconquest

The first thought you should have is that every man is necessarily a conqueror, that is to say that it is in the nature of a man to always be in search of seducing and conquering a woman.

So, for men, the most difficult women are the most interesting, which means that you can’t necessarily be 100% available, no matter how much your real goal is to win your boyfriend back.

Did it seem pointless to you? Think about when you first met, was your ex chasing you? What were your attitudes that generated this behavior in him?

If you weren’t entirely available and begging for his attention when you got him, why would that change now? Made sense?

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2-Making Him See

The reconquest only happens when the man has admiration for the woman, so your ex needs to see all the qualities in you that made him proud to say in full lungs that he was your boyfriend.

Therefore, a very important step in reconquest is to recover your personal identity, which is often lost in long-term relationships.

Go back to being that independent, charming woman who takes care of herself and has a schedule full of commitments with friends, your ex will notice your attitudes and reflect a little on the reasons that made the relationship cool, making him notice the mistake he made in breaking up with you.

3-Be Seen

Your ex needs to know about your life without you talking to him or chasing him! Then it’s time to use mutual friends and social media as a showcase for your new life.

Post charming photos about the cool things you’re doing, whether it’s that course you never had enough money to do or that meeting with your high school friends, everything positive deserves a little space on your social media.

Just as it will be important to keep your mutual friends up to date on your life, so subtly and politely let them know about the cool things you’ve been up to.

That way you will keep your ex updated about you without you having to keep in direct contact, we are sure that when you realize that he is really losing you, the regret of having ended the relationship will speak louder making him look for you .

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And at that time, be available to answer and make an appointment, your ex will certainly ask you to come back without you even having to send him a direct message.


What to do to win back the boyfriend who broke up with you with 3 tips:

1-Easy Regain 2-Making Him See 3-Be Seen


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