MyAutoCurl: curls and waves in minutes


Those with straight hair want to have them wavy and those with curly hair are always desperate for the best method to define them quickly and with a long-lasting effect. In both cases, the results could be difficult to obtain: sometimes particularly smooth hair cannot keep the style (especially the homemade one) and the curly ones are often affected by thehateful frizz caused by humidity and atmospheric agents.

Yet, there is a secret to obtaining soft waves and full-bodied curls even at home, as well as at the salon: the use of MyAutoCurl, styler with interchangeable irons Salon Studio Professional brand that you will never be able to do without!

MyAutocurl: what it is and technical characteristics

Easy to use, with a modern and ergonomic design and characterized by extreme versatility, MyAutoCurl is the curling styler that every woman should have at home! Composed of 3 interchangeable ironseach of different diameters (specifically 19mm, 25mm and 32mm), MyAutoCurl allows you to get different looks with minimal effort and without the support of your trusted hairdresser!

19 mm – 25 mm – 32 mm

The curling iron proposed by Salon Studio Professional is made with ainnovative automatic technologywhich allows you to create wide waves, defined curls and frizz-proof curls in a few easy steps: simply insert the lock inside the grip system and, using the appropriate button, rotate the iron to the right or left depending on the result you intend to obtain!

And that’s not all: it adapts easily to any type of hair, given that you can adjust the temperature between 120 ° and 230 °, choosing the level of heat that best suits your needs! To be on the safe side, the advice is to keep between 120 ° and 180 ° if you have thin, treated or damaged hair; it increases between 200 ° and 230 °, however, if your hair is normal and / or thick. By doing so, and with the support of the ceramic and tourmaline platesyou will avoid causing damage to your hair obtaining a truly extraordinary result!

Among other things, once you have connected the plug to the power and pressed the power button, you will have to wait a few seconds before being able to use MyAutoCurl: the ultra-fast heating systemin fact, it speeds up the timing for reaching the ideal temperature, saving you precious time.

And if you’re the careless type, don’t worry: if you ever forget to turn off MyAutoCurl, know that it also comes with automatic shutdown, which starts one hour after switching on and in case of prolonged non-use. A smart and practical accessorywhich will surely make your life easier!

How to use MyAutoCurl

We come to the interesting part: how do i use MyAutoCurl? If you have used other curling irons in the past you should have already reached a certain level of experience, but if you are still a beginner it does not matter: the Salon Studio Professional styler is so intuitive that it does not require special attention!

Proceed like this:

Turn on MyAutoCurl; Adjust the temperature between 120 ° and 230 ° according to your needs; As soon as it is reached, the temperature will appear on the LCD display of the styler; Always use MyAutoCurl in an upright position; Take a small lock of hair and insert it inside the styler grip system; Press the appropriate rotation button and turn the iron clockwise or counterclockwise, according to the result you want to obtain; When finished using, press the on / off button and let it cool before storing it somewhere.

The magic of MyAutoCurl lies in its automatic function: does it all by itselfsimplifying your work and giving you a salon-proof styling!

Also there iron replacement it’s very simple:

With the styler cold and off (unplug it too), turn the lock / unlock system to unlock the iron already inserted; Gently extract the iron you intend to replace; Insert the iron you want to use, matching the flat part of the hole inside the styler with the equally flat part of the central pin.

In this way, MyAutoCurl is ready for a new adventure!

What kind of styling can I create with MyAutoCurl?

The MyAutoCurl Curling Styler is perfect for create well-defined curls, waves and curls both on already wavy hair and on extremely smooth hair. Whatever styling you want to flaunt, it is very important to prepare the hair for stylingin order to protect them from the heat and make the result last longer.

How to prepare your hair before using MyAutoCurl

Preparing the hair before using any hot tool should be a healthy routine, with the aim of not excessively stressing it and obtaining a long-lasting styling. This is why, even in the case of MyAutoCurl, it is necessary to prepare the hair right from its washing:

Wash your hair using suitable shampoo and conditioner (for curly, straight, colored or other hair depending on their nature); After washing, wrap them in a towel and pat them to absorb excess water (do not rub); Apply a product that can protect them from the heat they will be subjected to later. In this regard, the advice is to try Hairtist’s Thermal Protector Spray, a mix of latest generation polymers and Argan oil, capable of giving thermal protection to your hair up to 230 ° and keeping the hair fiber healthy and bright; Dry your hair well, comb and plug in your MyAutoCurl!

How to make wavy hair with MyAutoCurl

At this point everything is ready to start the dances, or rather, for give life to your favorite styles in no time and without any effort:

Adjust the temperature to the desired level; Divide the hair into 3-4 sections, leaving them “free” one at a time; Start from the first section and, with the help of a tail comb and pliers, divide it into small locks; Insert one strand at a time into the MyAutoCurl gripping system; Spin the iron right or left for a defined ring or super soft wave!

If you want a very natural effect, the advice is to alternate the direction of rotation of the locks: then wrap one lock clockwise and the next one anticlockwise and, once you have the curl or wave, fix them with pliers.


When you have completed all the hair, you can give a touch of brightness with Drops of Amazonian Splendor, the illuminating oil from Rejane Oil that repairs frizz without weighing it down! Run your hands through your hair and that’s it!

Tips for a salon-like result

At this point you have all the information you need to give free rein to your creativity and create your favorite styles even in complete autonomy! To finish with a flourish, here some last tips for a salon-proof result:

If you want to get well-defined curls, divide the hair into very small locks; For soft waves with a natural effect, however, the locks must be wider; You can wrap the whole lock up to the root, or just half length to give movement only to the tips; Once all the hair has been completed, as previously suggested, you can brush or run your hands through your hair for a less defined but still voluminous and lively result; To maintain the style for a long time, finish with a splash of Anti-Frizz Ecological Lacquer proposed by Style, which guarantees a medium hold without weighing the hair down! Discover the secrets of MyAutoCurl in this tutorial:

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