Ombré Nails: pastel-colored faded nails


Undisputed protagonists of recent years, the Ombré Nails are proposed again as a must for summer 2021: the gradient nailsin fact, they have already won the hearts (and manicures) of several stars who, since the beginning of spring, have shown off nude and pastel shades relaunching a trend that pleases and that goes well with the liveliness and cheerfulness typical of the summer.

The variants are numerous and offer a wide choice: from nude ombré nailswhich give a super natural effect, to those distinguished by wonderful pastel colorsto be declined according to personal tastes and needs

Let’s find out in more detail the news planned for the coming months and everything you need to know to have hands and nails in line with current trends

Ombré Nails and the spring / summer 2021 shades most loved by the stars

Among the first to relaunch Ombré Nails we find her, the most famous digital entrepreneur in the world: Chiara Ferragni! In fact, on his social profiles she has published several photos showing hers gradient nails is pink (color that, generally, he prefers), both blue.

Credits: Instagram by @chiaraferragni

And it is precisely this color that, in all its shades, is literally depopulating on Instagram: just take a look at the profile of Kylie JennerAmerican entrepreneur and television personality, to confirm this.


Credits: Instagram by @kyliejenner

The colors that will dominate throughout the summer of 2021, in fact, will be mainly pastel ones: from pink to blue, from green to yellow, all the typical shades of the rainbow they will be perfect for vip-proof fashion nails.

But not only: the nude it is an evergreen and, if made in gel, it will certainly remain among the most popular requests. To customize the final result, then, you can always resort to special effectsas the marble or the marble: in a nutshell, your nails will turn into small works of art.

If, however, you love darker and more intense colors, do not be disheartened: the Ombré Nails can also be made with shades of black and purplepassing through red and orangeso you can follow fashion while staying true to your personality.

Finally, also the more neutral shades fall between the basics of gradient nails, such as gray or taupeas well as chocolate brown and powder pinkthat is, all those shades that, when mixed together, give life to warm and simply irresistible results.

How to make Ombré Nails do it yourself in 10 steps

Have Chiara Ferragni and Kylie Jenner’s Ombré Nails won you over? Shopping the right products and toolsyou can also make them DIY and comfortably in your home

Follow our guide and find out how to get stunning nails in 10 easy steps:

1) The first step to take concerns the selection of suitable products and accessories upon reaching the goal. Therefore, you will need to have at hand:

a degreasing and dehydrating pre-gel to prepare the nail for the application of the gel; a non-acid primer, which encourages the adhesion between nail and gel; a base, to prepare the nails and guarantee a long-lasting effect; two professional semi-permanent nail polishes, in the nuances you want; a 48W digital UV and LED lamp, for a flawless and extra bright manicure; a flat brush, to spread the enamel well; a make-up sponge, to create the ombré effect; a top coat, to seal the semi-permanent nail polish

2) Prepare your nails dipping your hands into a basin containing soap and water. Do not add any oil-based products, otherwise the nail polish may not adhere well. In this way, you will soften the cuticles and remove excess sebum.

3) Proceed with the manicure, cutting and filing the nails to obtain the desired shape and length. Continue by pushing back the cuticles with the help of a metal cuticle pusher or an orange stick and remove them with a special nail clipper. Finally, use the buffer to dull the surface and remove any oily residue.

4) Apply the dehydrating degreasing pre-gel to eliminate any external trace and guarantee a long-lasting seal. Let it dry naturally for about 30 seconds.

5) Apply the non-acidic primer to improve the adhesion between nails and polish. Again, let it dry naturally, again for about 30 seconds.

6) Continue with the application of the base and cures in a 36 watt UV lamp for 180 seconds or in a LED lamp for 60 seconds.

7) Apply two layers of semi-permanent nail polish and cure each layer in 36 watt UV lamp for 180 seconds or in LED lamp for 60 seconds. To get a brilliant and lasting effect, you can choose the proposals of Candy Collectionone line of semi-permanent gel polish available in 6 different colors. They are made with a formula that makes them extremely impact resistantguaranteeing you one duration up to 4 weeks! Applying Candy Collection solutions is quick and easy, it allows one uniform distribution of the product on the nails and allows you to achieve the same result as the salon at home!


8) After applying the nail polish, pour both colors on a saucer so that they are close but not entirely mixed together. With a toothpick, Partially mix them until a new shade of nail polish is created. Continue until you reach the right shade to get the ombré effect you want.

9) Take the make-up sponge, take some of the new color and spread it on the nails by gently tapping. Make sure you have enough product on the sponge to cover the entire surface. Proceed by making small longitudinal taps, repeating them to make the enamel adhere to the best. Let it dry before making another pass e remove excess nail polish on your fingers using a wet stick with a nail polish remover solvent (it will help you to be more precise).

Alternatively, you can make the gradient by applying the contrast color directly on the base one: just pour a drop on the sponge e tap on the nail starting from the tip and reaching (and not beyond) the central part. In this way, the base and the tip will be well defined, while the central part will present the nuance.

10) To complete, apply the sealing top coat and polymerizes in a 36 watt UV lamp for 180 seconds or in a LED lamp for 60 seconds. By doing so, your creation will be compact and bright at the right point!

Choose the Gel Polish Candy Collection you like best and create your Ombré Nails directly at home: Having star nails has never been easier!

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