Prayer to Bring Loved One Back to Me in 24 Hours

Prayer to Bring Loved One Back to Me in 24 Hours

Prayer to Bring Loved One Back to Me in 24 Hours.

Is it all worth it to ensure that the person you love comes back into your life? Then it’s time to appeal to the right prayer!

3 Types of Prayer to Bring Your Loved One Back to Me in 24 Hours

1-Prayer to Saint Anthony

He himself, the matchmaker saint is for whom you will ask for the return of your love, the traditional prayer to bring your love back consists of the following phrases:

“My Saint Anthony, who takes care of human happiness, from the depths of love, I beg you to make (name of your love) love me deeply, that he come after me in the same way that the plants of the field touch the feet of the cross. He will give me everything, hide nothing from me, refuse me nothing, and he will be eternally faithful to me. May (his love name) come looking for me.

That (name of your love) don’t have a minute of peace in the day until you’re by my side! Amen.”

Remember that prayer will only work if you truly have faith in the saint and pray with all your heart dedicated to ensuring that prayer works.

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2-Prayer for Santa Barbara

If you want to guarantee even more help for Santo Antônio, how about appealing to Santa Bárbara to help you bring your love back?

Pray the following prayer with faith to have your wish fulfilled by the Saint: “Warrior from heaven, blessed Saint Barbara, hear my request for love so that (his name) and I can be united in body and soul.

Protecting us so that no one gets in the way of happiness and togetherness. Oil my hair and quench my thirst with your infinite love for my good wishes.

Mighty guardian of justice and the impossible, fight in the name of our eternal love, so be it, amen.”

Remember that without faith, it will not be possible to have your wish really fulfilled, so believing in the miracle is essential.

3-I’m Evangelical

For those who don’t believe in the power of the saints, it’s worth betting on an original prayer, just yours, pour out your heart and ask God for the miracle to bring your love back in a few hours.

Confess that you miss him and that your life is not the same since he left, ask for his miracle with all your faith and believe that it will indeed happen.

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How to act for him to come back?

In addition to being a person of faith, who prays in pursuit of your love goals, it’s time to change your attitudes towards your love so that it lasts longer this time. Don’t be a person who charges a lot, who complains all the time or who grumbles about nothing! These are behaviors that push others away from you, leading to the end of the relationships you want to keep.

Remember to always be a nice woman that others want to keep around, never forgetting to be sweet and kind to others, just as you would like to be treated.


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