Split ends: how to get rid of them

Split ends: how to get rid of them Eliminating split ends is possible! Come and discover the methods to get rid of the hated split ends, without necessarily having to give a clean cut to our hair.A problem that many women often find themselves having to face is that of split ends: also known as tricoptilosis, it is a phenomenon that involves the bifurcation of the terminal part of the hair, which makes it not only aesthetically annoying, but also difficult to manage. If you too have to deal with split ends and think that the only way to remedy them is to resort to extreme cutting of the scissors, you are wrong: there are several tricks that not only help you to prevent their appearance, but also to eliminate them quickly. and long lasting! In fact, we must start from the assumption that the hair is made up of keratin which, when it fails, makes it more fragile and brittle. Consequently, it is advisable to use products based on amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins and pay attention to the behaviors held during the day: excessive use of hot tools and brushes, aggressive treatments such as coloring and bleaching, hairstyles that are too tight and so on. . Follow the tips you will find below and you will see that in a couple of weeks your hair will regain its original vitality and you can finally get rid of the hateful split ends!

1. First comb, then wash

Wet hair is more fragile, which is why it should be brushed before washing, preferably with a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush. To do this correctly, start from the tip and then proceed upwards and gradually untie all the knots; once washed it will be easier to dry them and you will avoid annoying tangles!

2. Use specific products for split ends

Even split ends need special care and attention to disappear once and for all, so the advice is to use targeted products based on nourishing oils and natural ingredients that treat the scales by preventing the hair from breaking. An interesting solution is the Renova Peptide Repair Treatment Kit, consisting of a leave-in shampoo, mask and serum all made with a formula based on Matrixyl 3000, an innovative bio-mimetic peptide that acts directly on the keratin structure of the hair in order to restore it the original state of health. The result? An elastic and luminous hair and repaired and smooth cuticles!

3. Reduce the use of hot tools

Allowing the hair to dry freely in the air would always be ideal, but unfortunately it is not always possible, especially in winter; in this case, simply keep in mind that the hairdryer must be kept at least 10 centimeters away from the head and at a temperature that is not too high, in order to avoid too direct and prolonged contact with the heat. To avoid any risk and minimize damage, you can always apply a good heat protector on ends and lengths before drying and / or using straighteners and curling irons.

4. Go for soft hairstyles

Those with long hair can play with collected hairstyles, especially in hot weather and for special events. If you love this type of look, no problem, but try to use elastic bands or soft clips, which do not suffocate the hair and do not damage its fibers and shafts. In case, consider using extensions: they blend perfectly with your natural hair, give you extra length and are strong and resistant!

5. Apply a moisturizing mask

To speed up the elimination of split ends, a moisturizing mask is a real cure-all, especially if made with natural ingredients such as avocado, egg white, olive oil, yogurt, papaya and coconut oil. Alternatively, you can try the K-Keratin Reconstruction Mask, based on keratin and natural extracts of sesame and olive oil, which can repair split ends in no time!

6. Choose an essential oil indicated

Another remedy capable of saving the situation lies in an oil specially made for split ends, such as Style’s repairing oil: with natural extracts of flaxseed it gives the hair strength, elasticity and shine without leaving any residue. If, on the other hand, you prefer to opt for natural or do-it-yourself essential oils, here are the best ones: coconut oil, to be applied directly to wet hair at least once every 15 days; almond oil, a natural tonic to be left on for at least 20 minutes; shea butter, with a regenerating action to be applied only on the tips; broccoli oil, with smoothing, polishing and anti-frizz properties.

7. Sleep on a pillow with a silk cover

Finally, here is a final beauty secret: during the night rest your head on a pillow with a silk cover, a fabric that avoids frizz, limits excessive rubbing and does not weaken the ends. Remember that even the night routine should certainly not be underestimated! Now that you have all the useful information, don’t waste any more time: start taking care of your hair right away to say goodbye to split ends once and for all!

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