The cheapest zodiac signs according to astrologers

Let’s face it: some people are a little more conservative with their finances than others. Perhaps they are a little more frugal out of necessity, or prefer not to spend money on others. But have you ever wondered if there’s a reason why someone is less likely to pick up the bill? It is possible that your banking habits are explained by the stars alone. We talked to astrologers to find out which zodiac sign is most likely to be the cheapest. Read about the six biggest offenders, from a little cheap to the meanest of them all.

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Cancers are known for their homely nature. So many times this sign would rather curl up with a good book than go around town and spend money on martinis.

Tip astrologer and bestselling astrology author Marion Williamson agrees. “Nurturing and moon-ruled Cancers are conservative, astute providers who take care of themselves first,” she says. This sign is also famous for its sentimentality. “Protective of your privacy and home life, cancer can be a hoarder, attaching sentimental value to empty potato chip packets and old train tickets,” adds Williamson. The inability to part with items can translate to Cancerians wanting to keep their money in their wallets.

While you might think Capricorns would like to spend money because they appreciate the finer things in life, it could be just the opposite. “The ambitious and entrepreneurial Capricorn has a serious attitude about money,” says Williamson. “They’ll live on fish fingers for years if it means saving up for a Ferrari or paying off their mortgage.”

Joana, an astrologer at the Ministry of Numerology, agrees. “Capricorns are cautious spenders. They like to see their money grow and genuinely appreciate saving for the future.” However, if they have to give something to their co-workers or friends, “they will do their best to be as cheap as possible,” she adds.

Williamson warns that Pisces often don’t have the money to spend simply because they’ve probably spent it on parties — or sometimes on good causes! She says, “Humanitarian and emotional fish rarely have money to spend because they blew it on one insane night or put it all on a losing horse.” As this compassionate sign often donates to charities, they can sometimes be found with overdrafts on their accounts, leading to the occasional cheap behavior.

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Williamson explains that while Virgos never consider themselves cheap, they fit the bill. She describes the sometimes tense sign as “frugal and modest”, with a tendency to avoid any kind of extravagant behavior. They can also be super focused on their finances, leaning toward keeping spreadsheets and counting every penny.

Emily Newman, a psychic reader and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Readers, agrees. “Virgos are unique personalities, the richest and most perfectionist people. They never have enough money to accommodate outsiders.” Beware: If you’re friends with a Virgo, they might be judging your own spending habits.

Scorpios are notoriously reserved, which can lead them to keep their finances private, even from close friends and family. Newman says, “Scorpios can spend money on themselves, but since they prefer to travel alone, they don’t like traveling with friends when they need to spend money on others.” Although they can pay for themselves, they prefer to do so only for the necessities so that they can save money for the future.

Taurus is the number one sign to watch out for if you want to split the bill, because more than likely you’ll end up paying. “Taurus is suspicious of anyone who convinces them to give up their money, and probably still remembers that you owe them $10 from three years ago,” says Williamson. She warns that they’re not the best dinner guests: if you “invite them to dinner at a new restaurant, they’ll order the most indulgent item, but they might mysteriously disappear when the bill comes.”

And Taureans definitely love to be treated. They are known for their pleasant personalities, which is why others want to be around them. But this sign can take advantage of this popularity. “On a date, they would like to spend time with people who buy them drinks or meals or give them a gift,” says Johanna.

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