The most cynical sign of the zodiac, according to astrologers

Every group of friends has a cynic. You know what: they are sarcastic by nature, always see the “glass half empty” and make it known that they believe most people are out there for themselves. Fortunately, they are also often extremely intelligent, fabulously smart, and downright hilarious (yes, sarcasm has its merits). Although we are sure they would never admit – they are cynical, of course – astrology on why these people have this particular trait. Read on to discover the six most cynical signs of the zodiac, from the mildly skeptical to the righteous realists.

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As the zodiac warrior, Aries is ambitious, assertive and adventurous. However, high hopes from him can sometimes lead them to disappointment and skepticism. “Those born under the sign of Aries will run headlong into a new situation because they are usually enthusiastic and passionate,” says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. “But if they don’t get their way, particularly if their trust is violated in relationships, those born under this sign can become defensive and cynical.” So if you break up with an Aries or run over him for a promotion at the office, you can expect it to bring out your brooding side. Fortunately, Kovach notes that Aries moves on with ease. “They rarely maintain their cynicism for long,” she says.

Taurus cynicism exists primarily in the financial space – and is driven more by fear than general pessimism or bitterness. “Taurus trusts no one when it comes to money,” says Kovach. “They have their eyes on success and don’t take risks – it can make them cynical when it comes to budgeting and business decision making.” For example, your Taurus friend may not trust you to pay off a loan or join them as a co-founder of a company; If you’re partnered with a Taurus, they may secretly harbor a fear that you won’t divide up household chores evenly or keep your credit score intact. Stay tuned to make sure the Taurus in your life feels safe and valued – oh, and pay those Venmo orders on time.

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Two of Virgo’s most famous traits are practicality and sensitivity – so it’s no surprise that this sign can sometimes become cynical. “His tendency to rely on logic and facts is an integral part of his existence,” says tall alice, resident astrologer of the Futurio app. Because of this, trying to explain a spiritual phenomenon or reading your weekly horoscope is likely to be fruitless.

However, they are not above being proven wrong. “With a raised eyebrow, the sensible Virgo will ask an innocent question, definitely not designed to deceive you,” says psychic and celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman. “If you give a sensible answer, the eyebrow will go down. If you make a mistake and show that you’re embellishing the truth, the eyebrow will go up.”

Ruled by Mars – the planet of action – and Pluto – the planet of darkness, subconsciousness and rebirth – Scorpio is equally intense and truth-seeking. “Those born under the Scorpio sign are constantly looking for ulterior motives and hidden meanings,” says Kovach. “They don’t take anything at face value. When they’re in relationships, they’re always on the lookout for deceit and lies.” This can happen even if you’ve never given them a reason to doubt you.

Crescent, professional tarot reader and astrologer for Crescent Divination, compares Scorpio energy to the open ocean. It’s “horrific because you don’t know what’s under the surface, no matter how calm the waters may seem,” she says. Don’t be surprised if a Scorpio’s cynicism catches you off guard – you may never realize you’re the subject of his attention until you’re in the middle of a confrontation with him.

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Capricorn’s cynicism can be traced to its ruling planet, Saturn, which rules responsibility, hard work, and karma. The sign is suspicious of others and believes that in order for something to be done correctly, they need to do it themselves. Because of this, it’s a little difficult to let a Capricorn down. “When others make a mistake, they already assumed it would happen, so it’s just an inconvenience,” says Crescent. “If they make a mistake? They’ll blame themselves for it.” You will also see cynicism seep into everyday conversations. Crescent notes that most Capricorns will say they are realists, not pessimists. “This is just something they tell themselves to make themselves feel better,” she says. Instead of taking their word for it, let your actions speak for themselves.

Aquarians are known as the geniuses and humanitarians of the zodiac. Unfortunately, these traits can also lead them to cynicism. “Aquarius is an air sign and therefore intellectual, idealistic, with a strong belief in humanity,” says Honigman. However, she notes, this doesn’t mean a strong belief in humans. On the contrary, this sign tends to see the best in individuals and the worst in the world at large. While Aquarians fight for the underprivileged, underrepresented and mistreated in society, they also see a good deal of the bad. “They will have spent their entire lives fighting those who oppress, discriminate and marginalize others,” says Honigman. “So please forgive them if they’re a little tired.”

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