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If you’re looking for a partner who isn’t afraid to express their love, whether that’s holding your hand, preparing a home-cooked meal, or simply telling them how much you mean to them, maybe it’s time to do astrology. in count. Life can feel like romance when you’re with some signs, but others not so much. Even when it comes to friendship, some people are better at showing how much they care. Read on to discover the most loving zodiac signs, from those who aren’t afraid of a little PDA to those who go above and beyond to make others feel loved.

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Sagittarius does everything wholeheartedly, from choosing to be in a relationship to simply going out on a date. Astrologer Jill Loftis describes Sagittarius as living “life with gusto and loving with equal enthusiasm.” This “generous and open-minded” sign isn’t afraid to carry the PDA and will devote “their seemingly limitless energy to letting you know how they feel about you.” If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius, you will never be in the dark about their love for you. However, Loftis warns not to “tie them up too much”, because while they love to shower their partners with affection, they also value their freedom.

If you’re in a relationship with a Pisces, expect him to give you constant devotion and attention, even if it can be overwhelming at times. Once this soft-hearted water sign finds what they want, they completely commit and are totally dedicated. “The boundaries between Pisces and who and what they love are blurred, so they tend to dissolve into what and who they love,” explains Loftis. This intense way of showing love comes from having a tender heart, but not everything is one-sided. Pisces can be quite hypnotic, making people fall in love with them quickly too.

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Libras are always balanced, and that includes how they behave in relationships, which they see as true partnerships. “The sign of the scales represents the balance that comes from healthy partnerships, and Libra is always looking for love,” says Loftis. “Also ruled by Venus, this sign wants peace, contentment and balance and can be a hopeless romantic when it comes to showing love.” Whether a Libra is wooing you with sweet words or celebrating your birthday with a long walk on the beach, they know how to show their complete and total adoration.

This fire sign cannot live without attention, and that includes constant attention from their partner as well. “If you’ve been trusted with their loyalty and love, they will shower you with affection, attention and gifts, and you should be sure to do the same in return,” says Loftis. “Ruled by the Sun, they shine best when their love finds a place to land and they can enjoy fun times with family, friends or lovers.” When you feel comfortable with a Leo and reciprocate their tenderness, your relationship will be unbeatable.

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Taurus are known for being trustworthy and that includes being trustworthy and loving in relationships. “The Earth sign ruled by Venus tends to be a soft-hearted soul who shows love by caring, protecting and nurturing,” says Loftis. Expect your Taurus to show you care by always being there for you, through good times and bad. Loftis explains that while they are considered “robust and reliable”, they are also “loyal and loving, with a tendency to show affection with lots of hugs and cuddles”.

Cancerians put their loved ones above all else, sometimes including themselves. Loftis describes Cancer’s motto as “family above all else”, meaning “they show their commitment and love for others by bringing everyone together for holidays or celebrations and nurturing anyone who comes into their orbit”. That love isn’t always romantic: Cancers want to show everyone they care, whether it’s bringing soup from a sick friend or checking on a colleague who seemed downhearted during a meeting. Loftis explains that this is because this water sign is “extremely sensitive to the emotions of others, and being ruled by the Moon, their many moods can change quickly, but their goal is caring as a way of showing love.”

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