The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign According to an Astrologer

Loyalty comes in many forms: it can be someone you can trust knowing they will never reveal your secrets, or someone who will always be by your side when the going gets tough. There are only a few people who will support you no matter what. If you’re wondering how loyal a person is, astrology might give you some answers. Read on to find the most loyal signs, from the steadfast friend to the devoted.

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Pisces are known to be emotionally sensitive, which can make them easy to trust. Fortunately, they are reliable and will also always be there for you. forensic astrologer Valerie Evans uses Christopher Reeve’s Pisces wife Dana as an example of unbreakable loyalty. Evans reminds us that Dana “was known for her tireless devotion to her husband during the decade after his tragic horse jumping accident, which left him paralyzed from the neck down.” This dependent sign might even care a little too much, so it’s unlikely they’ll betray you.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, “the symbol of responsibility and commitment”, so this practical sign plays “by the rules”, explains Evans. They are known for their loyalty, especially to their work. “You’ll often see Capricorns celebrating major milestones, like a 50th birthday or retiring from a job after decades of service,” says Evans.

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Evans warns that while Leos are known for their toughness, they are true “to their responsibilities and not necessarily to their mate.” Evans calls them “the lovers of the zodiac”, meaning they sometimes consider “playing around”. Still, Leos are trustworthy and rarely leave their relationships and usually go about their duties.

Evans declares that Scorpios “will go to extreme lengths to show their loyalty and will relentlessly test their partner to see if the feeling is mutual.” Because of this, they will keep their secrets, but they will also try to get you to reveal them. According to Evans, “they’re likely to keep the information secret to find out if their partner reveals it on their own.” If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, they will want to know your innermost thoughts and feelings. But once they have that information, they will lock it away internally.

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Taureans can often be a little stubborn, but that means once they’re with you, they’ll never let you go. Evans explains, “The Taurus bull can be stubborn or difficult, but they focus on one person and don’t let go.” They value stability more so they can be trusted to always support you. Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, which means they are often looking for serious relationships. Once this sign finds a partner, they will want to be in a stable relationship for life. This no-drama sign is in it for the long haul, so expect total loyalty, whether you’re a friend or a boyfriend.

Cancerians put friends and family first, sometimes even above themselves. “Cancers take care of others and are fiercely loyal to their family,” says Evans. If you are friends with a Cancer, he will always be there for you when you need him most. And if you’re a member of their family, they’ll make sure you’re always comfortable. “They aspire to create a loving home and rarely change course.” Once they have raised their happy family, they will never betray them.

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