The most moody zodiac sign, according to astrologers

Not everyone can be happy all the time, but some people can definitely be a little more moody than others. Maybe they get really grumpy when they’re really tired, or maybe nothing seems to bring a smile to their face. Chances are you’ve adapted to these challenging personalities along the way. If you’ve ever wondered why your friend or even your partner always seems a little grumpy, astrology can provide you with some answers. Read on to discover the six most grumpy signs, from slightly irritated to constantly grumpy.

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Virgos are extremely polite – that is, until things don’t go their way. This sign can become grumpy if they feel that someone is not listening. Jetta, an astrology blogger, explains that Virgos are “prone to feel dissatisfied or disappointed with the way things are,” especially since they have such high expectations.

Briana Saussy, author and founder of the Academy of Sacred Arts, adds that this sign is often unhappy because it is “the most critical and self-critical sign and will always find something to complain about”.

Generally speaking, Virgos let the little things bother them. Saussy says this elegant sign is displeased if things are out of place. If you live with a Virgo, try not to leave your dishes in the sink, as they will feel “nuisance”. If you take charge of cleaning, they will definitely be a little more perky.

Cancers are emotional people, which means they get angry if someone hurts them or someone they love. They can be moody (like your sign) and have tough shells to protect themselves. If you are friends with a Cancer and it bothers them, don’t expect a confrontation; instead, says Jetta, “they tend to withdraw and withdraw from others” when they’re in a bad mood. If they get moody, they can be up and down, immature and sarcastic to hide how they really feel.

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Like Cancer, this water sign is also emotional and sensitive, which can lead to what Jetta calls a “dark mood”. According to her, Pisces will go between wanting to be social and complete withdrawal if they’re unhappy. So when this sign is prickly, it’s probably because “someone has wronged them,” and they’re holding on to it.

Capricorns always aim to do their best and expect others to work just as hard. Saussy describes Capricorns as “grumpy when people around them aren’t trying as hard as they are”. This can be especially difficult if you work with a Capricorn. If they see you relaxing, don’t be surprised if they look at you from the side.

According to Jetta, this sign also has a reputation for being “solitary and solemn”, which can lead to them doing well in business, but it can also make them irritable. Because of their intense focus, Capricorns “can be impatient with interruptions and nonsense that interfere with their schedule.”

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Aquarians expect others to behave exactly as they want and, most importantly, to agree with them in their theories. This leads to disappointment when friends and family express different opinions. Saussy tells us that this fixed sign “has strong feelings about all sorts of things and is often disappointed when people don’t live up to their high ideals.”

Jetta warns that while this sign can be perfectly pleasant, “when they’re under stress and things aren’t going well, they can get pretty salty and sour with a propensity for temper tantrums.”

Saussy says this Mars-ruled sign “tends to be impatient and easily sees where things, people and situations can be improved.” Because they are always looking to make improvements, they can be difficult people. It doesn’t help that they hate small talk, which makes them look grumpy to people who don’t know them. Saussy says it’s not that Scorpios are all angry – “they’re just intensely interested in excellence and need friends who understand”.

Jetta adds that Scorpios are “known for sometimes slipping into a thoughtful and introspective state,” especially if they want to be alone. If a Scorpio says he needs a little time for me, it’s best to leave him alone because he can be ultra-irritable.

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