The most mysterious sign of the zodiac, according to astrologers

Mysterious people are unquestionably exciting. Of course, there are many ways for someone to be mysterious. Maybe they are always disappearing for days with no explanation. Or they operate on the DL so you never know what to expect next. It could even be that they are a bit introverted and always leave the party first – with a sneaky look until they leave. As with many personality traits, this one can be explained by astrology. Here, experienced astrologers tell us the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, from the partially intriguing to the terrifyingly secretive.

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This sign is represented by the Cancer and is known to hide in its shell most of the time. This doesn’t purposely make Cancerians mysterious; however, there are times when this sign will surprise them with seemingly unusual behaviors or observations, even if they have been thinking about them for a while. “Cancers keep their true feelings inside, so you rarely know how they really feel,” says Anastasiya Kirilchik, resident astrologer on the Futurio app. For example, they may reveal that they have never liked an acquaintance after years of knowing them, or they may keep their true feelings about a romantic partner or boss hidden. Because of their introverted ways, this sign can also leave a party early without saying goodbye in order to get back to the comforts of home more quickly.

This outgoing sign is the life of the party, always asking people interesting questions and making jokes with their quick wits. So where does their mysterious side come in? “In Gemini, there seem to be two personalities and you’ll never guess which one you’re about to meet right now,” says Kirilchik. If you hang out with them one day, they can be warm and chatty; if you hang out with them again, they might play “devil’s advocate” in the worst way or leave you alone to hang out with your new friend. With Gemini, you never know what you’re going to get – which makes them mysterious in their unpredictability.

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This hardworking and straightforward zodiac sign can sometimes seem mysterious – even if that’s hardly their intention. “Capricorn sees the world at face value,” says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. “Ironically, even though Capricorns are practical and straightforward, they are also considered to have some deeper mystery precisely because they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves.” Often, when dealing with a Capricorn, you can assume that he is hiding his true feelings on an issue. However, Kovach says you should take what they say at face value. “They tend to say what they mean and they mean what they say,” she explains.

Sensitive, imaginative and emotionally intelligent, this sign can seem mysterious due to their innate intuition. “Most of the time, Pisces can be overwhelmed and confused by their own emotions,” says Kovach. “Your empathetic nature can lead those born under this sign to mistake their feelings for other people’s emotions.” When a Pisces is behaving mysteriously, it’s probably not intentional. “If it seems difficult to discover a Pisces person, it’s because they also have to work through layers of confusion to get to their core desires and feelings,” says Kovach. This, combined with Pisces’ penchant for bizarre hobbies and frequent daydreams, can make this sign seem mysterious and difficult to identify.

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Zodiac innovators and geniuses are also some of the best keepers of secrets – and will always leave you guessing how they will behave next. “Aquarius are amazing at getting information,” says psychic and celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman. “Everyone trusts them as they are so kind and understanding and have perfect memories.” However, they are not interested in disclosing these secrets, which means they can make mysterious moves based on confidential information. In addition, this sign often adjusts their thoughts on certain matters, making it difficult to understand their true stance. “You might think you’ve got your Aquarius friend’s personality and mindset right, but they’ll change their position to remain independent and aloof,” says Kovach.

If there is one characteristic associated with Scorpio, it is mystery. In fact, each of the experts we consulted named them the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. So what is the cause of this? It all has to do with your placements on the planet. “This sign is ruled by Pluto, which is a planet of secrets and hidden truths,” says Kovach. Because of this, “Scorpio loves discovering everyone else’s deepest motives and secret agenda, keeping their own cards close to their vest and never revealing their true desires and ambitions,” she says.

At times, a Scorpio’s sigil can become dangerous – or, at the very least, manipulative. “If you get too close to a Scorpio’s deepest secrets, those born under this sign are notorious for sabotaging their relationships or friendships,” says Kovach. “This defense helps prevent others from truly discovering a Scorpio person. They protect their core desires and secrets as a way of protecting their vulnerability.” In other words, it may be best to leave them alone when they are acting aloof.

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