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We all know someone who isn’t particularly open about their feelings. You can sense a hint of attitude in their tone or demeanor, but they’re not particularly straightforward about what’s wrong. This is a common form of passive-aggressive behavior, or according to Psychology Today, when someone clearly feels negatively about a situation, be it anger or annoyance, but chooses to express it indirectly rather than directly. Unfortunately, it’s often up to you to figure out why this happens – and for people who are direct communicators, this can be particularly frustrating. The good news is that there could be a reason this person is displaying these feisty qualities: their zodiac sign. Read on to see the most passive-aggressive astrological signs ranked from mildly apathetic to completely elusive.

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Leo is a sign that heats up fast and wants to be in the spotlight. “Rather than tackling a problem head-on, Leos are likely to approach a problem passively, because that keeps the drama alive and puts them right where they want to be — the center of attention,” says astrology consultant Sofia Adler.

Aquarius is extremely intelligent and insightful, not afraid to get into a heated argument if and when necessary. However, this rebellious sign can also be a know-it-all and see themselves better than others. “Aquarius probably won’t even bother approaching an issue because they don’t think it (or you) is worth their time,” says Adler.

Cancerians reincarnated with the gift of feeling. “This water sign is incredibly sensitive and quick to take offense if their desire for connection isn’t met,” says Adler. Cancerians easily get lost in their emotions and don’t always try to solve the problem at hand.

“They won’t complain in this case, but they will engage in passive aggression and make nasty comments until you come along and ask about it,” says psychic reader and spiritual healer Emily Newman. Direct conversations are off the table until then.

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Taurus can be incredibly stubborn, but they also like to keep the peace. “This stability-seeking earth sign loves comfort,” says Adler. “They are more likely to avoid confrontation and become frustrated than directly addressing an issue.”

While capable of confrontation, they believe everyone is mature enough to see what they’re doing wrong, says Newman. “Once they discover the need to communicate with you, they will address it,” she explains. “However, getting to that stage will take a lot of time. So until then, they’ll send out not-so-subtle signals until the other person finds out.”

Pisces have a much easier time feeling their emotions than actually communicating them. They also have a knack for escaping when the going gets tough. “This empathetic and sensitive water sign isn’t made for direct conversation or confrontation, but they can’t help but wear their hearts on their sleeves,” says Adler. They naturally struggle to communicate their feelings. “When they are injured, their choice is passive aggression,” adds Newman. “[But] when you apologize, they accept it quickly.”

Although Libra is a social and chatty air sign, it prioritizes balance and harmonious relationships in general, making it the most passive-aggressive sign of the zodiac. “They will suppress their feelings and emotions and prioritize yours,” says Adler. And even when frustration bubbles to the surface, they won’t know how to voice their concerns because they’re too preoccupied with rocking the boat. If they do get into an argument, however, “they’ll make you apologize,” says Newman.

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