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What does weirdness mean to you? The term can describe an eccentric who is always doing something strange or an eccentric person who adopts an alternative lifestyle. Maybe your brilliant colleague who always comes up with innovative ideas, or maybe your son who can’t stop rebelling – there are just a few people who are downright quirky. If you’re wondering why some people are less conventional than others, astrology might give you some answers. Read on to find the quirkiest zodiac signs, from the partially quirky to the weirdest.

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Cancers can be seen as off-putting by some, as they would rather be at home than going out and socializing. While they are famous for their friends and family, they hold grudges that can also be unexpected. Cancers have some definite quirks, including being moody, vindictive, and overly sensitive. But luckily, once you see past those idiosyncrasies and befriend a Cancer, you’ll have a devoted friend for life (despite their sometimes odd ways).

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Taureans aren’t always unconventional, but they “think outside the box,” according to Evans. The forensic astrology author references the sometimes controversial rap rocker Machine Gun Kelly, “who often breaks the rules of traditional style” as an example of the smart sign. Taurus people can be stubborn and impatient, which can lead them to do unorthodox things in their quest to get what they want. This hard-headed sign seems awkward when they can’t lose sight of their goals.

This intellectually curious sign has two different sides, which can make them seem eccentric. As Geminis are the twins of the zodiac, they have an innate way of listening to others that is different, says Evans. He says Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are a good example: their sun is in Gemini, which “can contribute to their unique sense of identity and need to be different”. It certainly adds to their distinctive sense of style.

This water sign is known for being in their own little creative world – which can seem quirky. Sometimes these unreal escapists live their lives “without limits” and “love coloring outside the lines and going with the flow outside of a group,” says Evans. These imaginative people often become artists or interior decorators, always looking for inventive ways to express themselves. “Wherever you have Neptune in your birth chart, that might explain the area of ​​your life where you resist boundaries,” says Evans.

No one who has spent significant time with an Aquarius will be shocked to see them at the top of this list! These eccentric people are what Evans calls “the unconventional people of the Zodiac”, citing Elon Musk as an example. “They can be perceived as weird or quirky according to the general public, because that’s usually how visionaries are perceived,” says Evans. “Aquarius, and its ruling planet Uranus, represent eyes and vision. Because Aquarians ‘see’ so far into the future, the rest of the world believes they have a very active imagination until their predictions come true.” Aquarians may seem unusual to others, but their big ideas won’t seem so daunting when they become reality.

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