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The ability to forgive and forget is easier for some than others. Of course, it depends on the situation. For example, it is much easier to forgive someone for devouring most of their popcorn at happy hour than it is to absolve an unfaithful spouse. However, certain people will hold on to the slightest disrespect longer. According to astrologers, this personality trait may have something to do with the planets and stars. Read on to discover the six most relentless zodiac signs, from the mildly irritated to the permanently irritated.

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One of the smartest signs in the zodiac, Aquarius has no time for disloyal friends or rude comments. “An Aquarius will haunt you rather than forgive you,” says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. However, she notes that this comes more from a place of sensitivity and distaste for confrontation than an unrelenting personality. What’s more, Aquarians may eventually come back. “Sometimes time and space heal an Aquarius person’s wounds,” she says. “When that happens, they can resurface and act like nothing happened.” If you despise them a second time, you can expect them to be gone forever.

Aries will hold a grudge against themselves and the people they care about. “If you hurt someone that an Aries person loves, they won’t easily forgive you, if they ever do,” says Kovach. “If you hurt an Aries person, they will immediately become defensive.” Because of this, you will likely have to work hard to prove that you learned from your mistake and you will never let that happen again. These tendencies are due to the fire sign’s sensitive ego and protective spirit. After all, they are the warriors of the zodiac and are more than willing to hold a fight or a grudge for as long as they see fit.

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This hardworking, ambitious and loyal sign will not put up with any immature or disrespectful behavior. “They don’t play around in relationships,” says Kovach. “As such, they also don’t tolerate people who are not honest and transparent.” If you despise a Capricorn, don’t expect him to scream, cry, or pout. Instead, they will walk away from the situation and give you less time and energy than before. “If you don’t learn from your mistake, you may find that Capricorn moved on with their lives and left you behind,” says Kovach. They treat many of their interactions like business, and if you’re not providing value, you’re out.

Taurus is known to be reliable, easygoing and intensely stubborn. But don’t let their easygoing ways fool you – this sign is not an easy one to forgive. “Taurus is a quiet sign that doesn’t like to bother others, so they keep their emotions under the surface and have this dissatisfaction bubbling up in their hearts,” says psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

Not to mention that this sign greatly values ​​confidence. “Their guard will instantly increase when they are threatened or deceived, but they will not go out of their way to show their grudge to the world,” says Kovach. Once a Taurus person feels they’ve been wronged, you’ll quickly move from the inner social circle to the outer one – or abandon it altogether.

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Cancer is ruled by the moon, making them extremely sensitive and hyper-emotional. With these traits comes a fair amount of rancor and resentment. “Even if they forgive a little, they never forget an insult, an offense or an argument,” says author and astrologer Lisa Barretta. “The associated element is water, which makes them very fluid and easily disturbed. They will remind you of how you hurt their feelings even after years.”

Fortunately, if a Cancer is denying you forgiveness, you’ll know right away. “When they are hurt or betrayed, Cancers are moody, sullen and resentful,” says Kovach. In other words, you’ll know exactly when you need to beg for forgiveness.

As Scorpios are notoriously mysterious, stoic, and fiercely loyal, it might come as no surprise that they are the zodiac sign least likely to forgive. “Scorpio may seem quiet and reserved, but don’t underestimate their ability to surprise you with an unexpected power play,” says Barretta. “They don’t easily forget a lightweight and will even the score even if it takes a while.”

And when they bite back, you can expect it to be hard. “The scorpion’s sting is intense and those born under this sign will make it clear when you’ve crossed a threshold,” says Kovach.

Also, this sign is particularly adept at knowing when to distrust someone. “If you lie to a Scorpio, or if he sees the slightest hint of deceit in your words or actions, he will hold a grudge for the rest of his life,” says Kovach. “They don’t like to look foolish and aren’t afraid to sabotage even the best relationship to maintain the upper hand and make a point.” So if you’ve got a Scorpio friend, it’s best to keep them on your side – or else.

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