The Most Selfish Zodiac Sign According to Astrologers

Selfless people make the world go round. These helpful people donate time and money to benefit others – and are always available to offer a shoulder to shoulder or help a friend in need. Selfish people, on the other hand, do the opposite. These people are only out there to benefit one person: themselves. But it turns out that maybe we can’t completely blame them. Some experts say that this trait could be due to your horoscope. Here, astrologers tell us the most selfish signs of the zodiac, from the somewhat self-centered to the dangerously self-centered.

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Capricorn people are known to be hardworking and ambitious – sometimes with a flaw. “If Sea-Goats let their dark dreams take them, they can emotionally separate themselves from others, not letting anyone into their lives,” says Alice Alta, the resident astrologer of the horoscope app Futurio. “At worst, they might even start stepping on people on the way to their goals.” However, she notes that at best, her goals will be socially useful and help people in the end. Because of this, Capricorns must set social goals as well as work- and finance-related goals. That way, even if they become selfish by overcoming, it will benefit the greater good.

People born under Pisces are famous for being emotionally sensitive and intuitive. They are highly empathetic and will always pull up a chair and listen to a friend in need – so much so that you might be wondering how they can be considered one of the more selfish signs. Well, psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman notes that their altruism has a caveat: they prefer to help when people are watching. “Without surveillance, Pisces won’t rush to help right away,” says Honigman. “They wait for the movie to end or someone else to do it. But as soon as the lights go up, or there’s an audience, they’re up in a second.”

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This sign is known for being stubborn and stuck in their ways, a trait that can come across as selfish in certain situations. “Taurus has strict boundaries, which is sometimes helpful, but it can also make Taurus seem inflexible,” says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this sign is also highly image-conscious and may perfect their appearance rather than helping a friend in need. Fortunately, they can cultivate a more selfless nature, especially in romance. “Taurus can be affectionate, generous and loving,” says Kovach. “When you’re in a relationship with a Taurus person, they’ll take care of your comforts and wants, but they’ll want to make sure your needs are met first.”

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The Leo zodiac sign is selfish with their need to be in the spotlight, often striving to have the coolest clothes, the funniest story, or the most impressive house. “They tend to put their wants and interests first, as they just don’t see why they should settle for less,” says Alta. “They live as if others are destined to love and pamper them.” However, this sign will not throw you under the bus to achieve your spot in the spotlight. “His generosity and nobility know no bounds, and everyone can enjoy his glory.” Sure, they might monopolize the conversation at dinner, but you’ll probably be laughing hysterically the entire time.

The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries tends to have a “me first” attitude towards everything life throws their way. Also, “their biggest flaw when it comes to selfishness is that those born under this sign tend to assume that others want what they want,” says Kovach. “They rush to conclusions or make assumptions based on their own preferences.” This can lead to situations where it always feels like this person is choosing the movie or selecting the restaurant – when in reality they think they are doing a good deed by making a decision for everyone. Another way Aries can appear selfish is in their impatience. “If there’s a line to get into the store, Aries will take their place, not rushing off to the elderly,” says Honigman. “And if Aries has a promotion, they’ll make sure everyone knows about it.” Hey, at least you always know where you are.

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