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Some people are kinder than others. These gentle people tend to be extremely aware of other people’s moods and can sometimes take a perceived insult a little too seriously. Maybe you accidentally offended a colleague with what was supposed to be a joke or you have a family member who apparently cries at the drop of a hat. If you’ve ever wondered if sensitivity is written in the stars, astrology could definitely have something to do with it. Read on to discover the most sensitive signs, from a little emotional to fully sensitive.

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Leos are the kings and queens of the jungle, but their strength doesn’t mean they lack sensitivity. Astrologer Laurie Alfano explains with a Leo, “it’s all about the heart.” This brave sign looks strong and courageous, but as a fire sign, they are naturally intuitive. Alfano advises that Leos “fall in or out of love quickly with people”, but when they are in a relationship, their sensitive side comes out.

Sagittarius may not look easily damaged because they are often quite stubborn. But while this signal can distribute it, they cannot take it. If they feel that people are judging them or don’t agree with them, they get angry easily. Alfano calls Sagittarius a “sign of adventure and blind optimism”, but she warns that “the world can be a cruel place” and they end up hurting her feelings at times. “Saggies don’t like to have their dreams crushed or naysayers to tell them their dreams can’t come true,” says Alfano. So even if they seem quite playful, be cautious, because when you say the wrong thing, they might react badly.

Libras often become lawyers because they are so focused on justice. Because of their quest for equality, they are also sensitive to perceived slights. They don’t like any kind of evil, because they believe the world should be balanced. They can also judge themselves as much as they judge others if they don’t live up to their goals. Alfano describes this hyperconscious sign as seeing “others as a mirror of themselves and feeling that others are always looking at them”.

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Scorpios are deep and emotional people, and they often hide their equally intense sensitivity. Scorpios are passionate, but surprisingly not a fire sign. Rather, they are a moody and often misunderstood water sign. Alfano explains that his “quick tongue and smart intelligence on the outside” is actually masking his secret need to “run and hide under the covers”. So be careful what you say to a scorpion. They may attack you if they feel attacked, but they are not angry, just often misunderstood and fragile.

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Water signs are known to be intuitive and especially vulnerable – and Pisces has an incredible ability to sense what other people are going through. But while this is, in some ways, a superpower, because it allows them to offer empathy to others, it can be draining. Often other people’s emotions can be too much for Pisces and they feel overwhelmed. They take refuge in their inner world or embrace their artistic passions in an attempt to escape the intensity of those around them.

Cancers, like crabs, have hard outer shells to protect their softer emotions, but inside it’s a whole different story. “Don’t be fooled by the hard shell, we all know how watery crabs are on the inside (until they’re cooked),” says Alfano. Your Cancer friend or family member seems difficult, but that’s only because they’re afraid of being vulnerable. “Cancers are ruled by the moon, which changes signs every two or three days, allowing your emotions to ride a roller coaster through life,” she continues. This fragile water sign often displays their raw emotions before putting their shell back on so they don’t get hurt.

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