The most snobbish sign of the zodiac, according to astrologers

Whether you’re at work, running errands, or at a party, you’ve almost certainly found someone who thinks they’re a little better than you. Perhaps they refuse to acknowledge the existence of popular music, like to name names, or need to snort a glass of wine each time before tasting it. In short, his elitist attitude seems to fill the entire room. Have you ever wondered if there was a reason why they have more superiority complex than others? Maybe it’s not just her personality, but because of how the stars align. Read on to discover the six snobbiest signs of the zodiac, from the slightly pretentious to the notoriously arrogant.

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Virgos aren’t always the snobbiest sign, but these taskmasters like things the way they do. Their particular behavior puts them at number six on the list. Briana Saussy, author of books such as Making Magic and Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology, explains that Virgos “have a refined sense of what is acceptable and appropriate and what is not.” And if you’ve ever met a Virgo, you know that they don’t just expect perfection from themselves, but from those around them, be it their partners, co-workers, or children.

Just like Virgos, Aries have very specific needs and wants that they aren’t afraid to communicate. Your incessant desire for instant gratification can be irritating, especially in certain social settings. “Aries have a tendency to get impatient with anyone who doesn’t get them right away or what they’re asking for, which can come across as snobby,” says Saussy. They may not be snobs, but they want immediate understanding, which can be difficult. This sign also tends to place blame on others, which can lead to problems.

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You might be surprised that Aquarius made the list if you know this free-spirited sign. But his hipster attitude can often lead to mansplainings of epic proportions. “For the Aquarian, that attitude comes across in a more funky kind of vibe. Don’t know the coolest indie band, movie or book? So don’t worry about an Aquarian,” says Saussy. If an Aquarius gives you a sideways glance for not knowing the latest A24 movie, don’t be surprised.

Libras are notoriously charming, but they can also have more qualities that make them pretentious – especially to people they don’t know well. “The dark side of Libra can show us someone who is bland, shallow, and willing to go whichever direction the wind is blowing most favorably at any given time,” explains Saussy. The famous “cult” sign can “become exclusionary and poisonous when misdirected, making people feel like they are literally being demeaned,” she adds. If a Libra friend makes you feel bad about not seeing the latest museum exhibit, know that it could just be their sign speaking.

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Scorpio’s stubborn intensity can lead them to come off as arrogant. These natural authority figures want things to go their way all the time. “That, combined with their fierce pack instincts, means Scorpio will have no problem telling people who aren’t as knowledgeable” exactly what they think about them, according to Saussy.

Capricorn, “the heavenly goat”, is the snobbiest sign in the zodiac. But Saussy cautions you can’t be too hard on them about it: they believe they deserve the best because they work hard to earn it. “They can’t help that they taste great and find anything but the best substandard,” she explains. That said, beware – they are ready to complain if things don’t go their way.

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