The most stubborn sign of the zodiac, according to astrologers

Some people are particularly stubborn: they never back down from a debate and almost never compromise. If you’ve ever wondered why your friend never moves or why you can’t win a fight with your partner, the answer may be written in the stars. Read on to discover the most stubborn zodiac signs, from subtly stubborn to blatantly Taurus-like.

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This water sign may seem laid-back, but internally, they are overthinking everything. Sacred Arts for Astrologers Soulful Seekers Briana Saussy warns that “the zodiac fish may seem cool and easy to work with, but underneath those shiny scales is a spine of steel.” Pisces are often inflexible and “swim in the opposite direction just to prove a point”. Pisces have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to share them, but Saussy says this isn’t exactly “stubborn”, instead she considers them “independent thinkers”.

Anyone who has an Aries friend or family member knows that this headstrong sign does exactly what they want. “These fire rams can definitely dig, especially when they feel someone is being treated unfairly or when they see someone who needs protection,” says Saussy. If they find something they believe in, “they won’t budge an inch” in their quest to prove their point. And once they make up their minds, they won’t change it. If an Aries haunts you, don’t expect to hear from them again.

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These kings and queens of the jungle believe their way is the right way. “Leo is the fixed fire sign of the Zodiac and these Leos have no problem standing their ground, speaking their truth and acting from their heart,” says Saussy. They never question their own actions, even if the people around them do. “They don’t care whether other people like it or not, and they’re not easily swayed by public opinion,” says Saussy. But while they can’t be convinced otherwise, they can make other people see the world their way.

Aquarians are generally hyper-focused on social and political justice causes and don’t change their opinions based on other people’s ideas. Saussy describes this fixed air sign as “rigid in their opinions and ideas and very rarely willing to change”. However, they occasionally back off a bit, but only if they receive new information that forces them to reconsider. Aquarians will also take time to develop their beliefs. They research topics for hours online or in the library before giving an opinion – and after making a decision, they inform everyone around them.

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Although Scorpios aren’t the most stubborn of signs, they are pretty close. Saussy describes this fixed water sign as “an upcoming runner-up for the more stubborn… a little more flexible than Taurus, but not much”. Scorpios will listen to your opinions carefully, but still, nothing you say can influence them. They are particularly difficult to discuss, as they are “thorough investigators” and have proof of everything. But they’re also extremely loyal – especially in relationships – so if they love and respect you, they might reconsider some of their rigid ideals.

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It will come as no surprise that Taurus is the most inflexible sign. After all, Taureans are known as bulls, and just like the beast, they barricade themselves and get angry easily if anyone challenges them. “Don’t waste your time trying to change their minds,” warns Saussy. This Taurus-headed sign doesn’t see itself as inflexible; instead, they believe it’s the only way to live their lives.

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