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Superficial people are very focused on appearances. They can be overly preoccupied with things like material wealth, power, perception, and fame – and none of this is too deep. These individuals only care about what they can get out of a relationship and are more interested in how things look than how they feel. Yes, we all have a shallow side, but there are some zodiac signs that tend to be a little more shallow than others. Read on for the six most superficial signs, from a lack of depth to an obsessed appearance.

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Virgos can be highly critical and judgmental; in fact, they cannot help it. Ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication – they feel compelled to share their opinions about anyone and anything that bothers them. Virgos think they have the ability to look at someone and assess them with a single glance and, like many overly shallow people, lack the self-awareness to avoid backhanded compliments.

While Geminis love to socialize, they are actually more interested in the attention that comes with showing off their lifestyle on social media. This charming air sign has a big problem with overbooking their calendar. They’ll come to your party as long as it’s the best thing to do that night.

Gossip is as deep as a superficial person enters into a conversation, and gossip is what you’ll get with a Gemini. Overdoing it, being a drama queen, starting rumors, it makes no difference – it’s all about having the attention of everyone around you. And if you’re not careful what you say to a Gemini, you may learn the hard way that your bond with them wasn’t as deep as you thought.

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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is no stranger to finishing first. They love the glory and attention that comes with better things, a better job, and more money than other people. It’s all about appearances, and if Aries aren’t getting the attention they crave, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. It’s not that there’s nothing real in Aries’ life – it’s more that sometimes being selfish is the best way to claim first place.

Shallow people are always looking for validation – and of all the zodiac signs, Libra is best known for their people-pleasing ways. Libras want to make everyone happy and minimize conflict. They position themselves as the group’s meditators in an effort to garner praise and admiration from others. As a result, they sometimes play both sides of the fence, and that means their relationships aren’t always deep.

Their perspective also tends to stay on the surface, as Libras are afraid to give a strong opinion or take sides in any confrontation. They are often more concerned with how others perceive them than being genuine or standing up for what they believe. Because they try to be everyone’s friend, it’s hard to know where their true loyalty lies.

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Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, beauty and love, Taurus is known for its love of luxury. This earth sign is very proud and wants to show off their successes. As a result, they can be highly materialistic and all about money. They are often aimed at earning and displaying material assets – and measuring other people’s worth based on what they can show. This mindset can trap Taurus in a shallow cycle of materialism fueled by ego and superiority.

Leo is by far the most selfish and shallow zodiac sign of all. This creative fire sign is typically blessed with a huge amount of talent, which results in their overconfidence. Always the life of the party, Leo’s larger-than-life ego allows them to perform acts and outfits that other zodiac signs simply couldn’t do, and they look great doing it.

Leos are naturally drawn to the spotlight, making them incredibly concerned about how others perceive them. When he encounters resistance, Leo is not above using his manipulation skills to influence his audience. They can be very resourceful when it comes to getting what they want and believe that the ends justify the means. After all, it’s not that serious.

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