The Sneakiest Zodiac Sign According to Astrologers

We all have moments when we’re a little mysterious: maybe we’re keeping our cards tucked away in our chests while meeting a new friend. Or maybe we’re tiptoeing around the truth to protect someone’s feelings. It could even be that we’re doing something as innocent as planning a surprise party. Fortunately, these occasional actions do not define us as cunning. However, it’s a cold hard truth that some people are sneakier than snakes – and this may have something to do with astrology. Read on to discover the six sneakiest signs, from the mildly cunning to the devious.

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Aquarius is known for being one of the smartest signs in the zodiac and is unrivaled in terms of innovation, creativity and humanitarian efforts. But if you thought that meant they were immune to deception, think again. Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, notes that Aquarius – like all air signs – often lives in your head and makes decisions there long before you take any external action. For example, “they know they are going to leave their partners months before they do, and they agree with themselves to hand in their layoffs at the first sign of trouble,” she says. “Having all this information, but expecting conditions to be perfect, is tantamount to being sneaky at times.” If you’re close with an Aquarius, you can assume they’re keeping at least some secrets from you — even those that could have an impact on your life.

Because they are known for being affectionate and sensitive, you might have assumed that Cancers would be above acting maliciously. And if I did, I would be wrong. As professional astrologer Crescent of Crescent Divination says: “Cancer is ruled by the moon – and what secret screams if not a new moon, where is the moon hidden?” The unique thing about being sneaky from a Cancer is that they are quite open about it. “They really believe in the phrase ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer,'” says Crescent. Even if a Cancer doesn’t like you, he can put on a friendly facade to avoid conflict or stay on your good side if he needs a favor. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about Cancers in your life acting with malicious intent; most of the time, their dissimulation turns out to be benign.

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Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and harmony, Libras have a gift for being astute communicators. Unfortunately, they sometimes have an ulterior motive. “Although their main task is to reconcile the warring parties and bring peace to the world around them, they can use this talent for evil and become perfect planners,” says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. “One word here, one word there, and voila, best friends become enemies.”

However, don’t expect your Libra friend to engage in sneaky behavior on a regular basis. On the one hand, they just don’t like confrontation or drama. Also, they will be able to handle most situations without planning. “Libra has enough people skills to not need sneaking as a tactic,” confirms professional astrologer Lisa Gordon.

This emotional, imaginative and charming sign also has a dark side. “Pisces will enlighten you if you doubt them,” says Virginia Castiglione, astrologer at Aquamarine Content. “They’re dangerous because they can also lie to themselves, to the point where they really believe they’re not doing anything wrong in the first place.” Why? Well, this sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet of potential, deception, disillusionment and propaganda. So while they don’t realize they’re harming others by entangling them in their web of lies, it’s quite possible that innocent bystanders get burned. When dealing with a sneaky Pisces, trust your instincts. If you think they’re feeding you something fake, you’re probably right.

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The Gemini sign – characterized by playfulness, curiosity and flexibility – acts on the sly out of necessity. “They’ll have two sets of friends who don’t like each other, two favorite aunts who are rivals, and most likely two separate spouses,” says Honigman. “So they need to sneak around a bit or a lot of people would be upset.” Fortunately, this sign isn’t innately spiteful or moody (well, unless you count that they’re quite prone to cheating).

Instead, they simply tell the white lies they need to survive. “Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they have the gift of speech and can create a story that anyone will believe,” says professional astrologer Katherine Metcalf. You’ll want to be alert when you get involved with them, especially if you’re their friend or intimate partner.

Nothing is what it seems when you’re dealing with a Scorpio. “[This sign] it’s ruled by Mars, the planet of action, but it plays out more passively,” says Crescent. “Scorpions work best behind the scenes – they’re the embodiment of silent movement.” “It makes them feel that deception is a necessary tool in life,” says Gordon. They are also easily irritated and regularly seek retribution.

When a Scorpio is after you, nothing will stop him. “[They have] the strength and perseverance to face any challenge,” says trainer and astrologer Linda Berry. “If that includes doing something behind someone’s back, they’re capable of going that low.” gossip. Our tip? Don’t get on the bad side of a scorpion, just like its earthly representative – the scorpion – the sting of this sign burns.

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